When you say Austria you almost instantly think about winter sports and people. These are the best two words that can accurately describe this impressive country. Austria is located in Central Europe, encircled by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Italy.

Austria is one of Europe's most sought tourist destinations due to its historic cities, breathtaking mountain panoramas and wonderful ski resorts. Along with Switzerland, Austria has been stated Europe's winter sports capital.

A traveler who is interested in visiting Austria should make his homework regarding this country. There are several activities that one could be involved in while seeing this country. There is something for each age and taste.

First of all, people come to Austria for performing a different range of winter sports. Austria offers a great variety of ski resorts that are looking forward to accommodate you. It is essential for Austria to have its tourism industry working as efficient as possible. Therefore, Austria takes full advantage of its winter sports tourists. However, it is important to know that Austrian resorts are usually medium-sized, in contrast with those in Switzerland and France. This fact has both advantages and disadvantages. What could be a disadvantage for those searching for a first-class resort, represents a priceless advantage for the tourists interested in cheaper, cosier and more welcoming resorts.

Another attraction that could catch your eyes is the world famous Austrian cycle touring. There are famous routes that go along the largest rivers. The route between Passau and Vienna, following the Danube, is the most important cycle path in Austria and even Europe. Thousands of cyclists gather here each year during the summer to test themselves.

Austria's musical heritage draws every year thousands of music lovers from all over the world. In Vienna or Salzburg tourists may entertain themselves by listening to classical music, jazz or world famous operas. During summer, Austria hosts a wide assortment of music festivals, for all tastes and ages. The most important music festival that takes place in Austria is the Salzburg Festival. Beside this well-known classical music festival, Austria proud itself with a wide diversity of other music genres such as rock festivals, folk festivals or pop festivals.

The cinematic culture of Austria should not be neglected. An interested tourist might find out great things about the Austrian cinema. The most famous Austrian actor is beyond all doubts Arnold Schwarzenegger, now the Governor of California.

A very important aspect of Austria is the fact that here people put great strength on respect. You may find that Austrians can be very pushy while in public. People commonly take this as extremely unfriendly. Don't let yourself be tricked by this; it's a sign of honesty and formality, two very appreciated qualities in Austria.

Austria is a great place to visit. If you ever get the opportunity of taking a trip to Austria, don't hesitate. Just pack your bags and book a flight to this impressive country. You will definitely be left speechless by its beauty, its people and its attractions.

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