Outdoor kitchens have most certainly been on the minds of many homeowners for the past couple of years.  Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to bring the party from inside to outside within a smooth transition.  The key element to any outdoor kitchen is a barbeque.  There are hundreds of different types of barbeques that you can place in your outdoor kitchen ranging from drop in grills to your everyday gas grill.  It all depends on what fits in with your design and/or what your grill preference is.
Different Types of Outdoor Barbeques

    •    Propane
Propane grills are the most popular choice of grills for an outdoor kitchen.  It has several benefits such as: it’s easy to light, no lighter fluid is necessary, and there are reduced chances of flame flare-ups.

    •    Grill with a Side Burner
This is also a popular choice of a barbeque solely because there is a lot more cooking space than if you were to use your average grill.  Most of the time these barbeques come with a heating compartment so that you can keep your food hot while you work on the other half of your meal.  Having a side burner also means that you can cook several different components of your meal all at once, it’s basically like having a stove in your backyard.

    •    Grills with Different Cooking Methods
Another popular choice of outdoor barbeques is those with different cooking methods.  If you are the type of person who enjoys cooking and entertaining your guests simultaneously then you should consider purchasing a barbeque with a rotisserie or even electric powered smokers.  This way the food can cook while you talk and mingle with your guests.

    •    Drop in Barbeque
Drop in barbeques are another popular choice of outdoor appliances.  They basically look like the top of your average propane barbeque and you can place them in rock walls, in custom countertops, basically anywhere that you please.  They function just as a regular grill would, they are just more convenient because you don’t have to cart around a giant grill every time you want to cook something outdoors for friends or family.

Over the years, outdoor grills have changed immensely for both convenience and safety.  There used to be kettle grills where you would have to reach over an open flame to lift the lid to check on the food.  Luckily nowadays the handle for the grill is on the front so that your safety is preserved.  Outdoor barbeques are a great way to bring your friends and family outside on a warm night and to just enjoy life and the weather.  They are also a great way to entertain guests because you can converse with them and yet cook their food at the same time.  Outdoor barbeques are a wonderful invention and although some of them can get a little pricey, as long as you know what you need for the space that you have you can search for the perfect one for you!