If you're a landlord, property owner or property manager, you may need to use a sample eviction notice template or a sample eviction letter to send to tenants, asking them to vacant the properties. An eviction notice form or a notice to pay rent or quit should look professional and have all the required language. If you are looking for a free eviction notice letter than check out two below and see if this is what you are looking for. You want to make this process as smooth and easy as possible.

These eviction notice letters are certainly not something you would like to send out and they are not something your tenants would like to see, but they are necessary to protect your property and your business. Unfortunately, evictions do happen.

You must also acknowledge that all states have different tenant and landlord laws to adhere to.

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What Makes a Good Eviction Letter?

- You must state exactly why you are asking the tenant to leave. Most likely it is because they are late on rent. Why are your tenants in violation? Include all the dates and payments due.

- You must state all the specific information such as your name/business and your contact info.

- State how this situation can be fixed. How long does the tenant have to pay the rent before they get evicted? Check your state laws to find out.

- Give the tenants a chance to make things right! Don't harass them or you can have more trouble on your hands then you are looking for.

If this still doesn't work, then you need to take action.


A Good, Free Sample Eviction Notice Letter

Dear (Name of Tenant/s),

Address: (Street, City, Apt. #, etc.)

TAKE NOTICE: You are hereby required within (number) of days to remove yourself from the above-described premises that you currently hold and occupy.

The notice is intended for the purposes of terminating the Rental Agreement by which you now hold possession of the above-described premises, and should you fail to comply, legal proceeding will commence to regain possession.


Name of Landlord/Owner


On (Date), this notice was delivered to the following tenants (name). Executed on (date) at the city of (     )County  (     ), State of (     ), served by: (      )


A Good Sample Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

This would be sent out before the eviction notice is sent. They might see this sample notice to pay rent and then resolve this issue.

You simply must list the same info. As the sample eviction notice but include the rental period and the amount of money that is due.

What Happens if My Tenants Don’t Pay Rent?

Well, no landlords or property owners really like to deal with tenants not paying rent, but this happens sometimes. I hope this sample eviction letter and sample notice to pay rent will help you solve your problem!