I Can't Stand Thin Women With Fat Friends

  What is it with thin women these days?   To begin with, it seems that most thin women look totally anorexic....and then they surround themselves with fat friends of both sexes.  Usually, though, they hang with fat women friends.  I can't stand thin women with fat friends.  It makes them look even skinnier.  Which is the purpose for surrounding themselves with fat friends, I'm sure.  Let's face it - white looks whiter surrounded by black, short appears shorter when next to tall, and thin appears thinner when surrounded by fat.  What better way to show off one's thinness than by surrounding one's self with fat people.  You don't even need to be super skinny when surrounded by fat people.  You will just appear extra extra thin when surrounded by those who weight fifty pounds or more than you do.   If her looks are rather plain and ordinary, the thin woman will still look gorgeous compared to her fat friends.  The thin woman knows she doesn't have to worry about competition from her fat friends.  They are safe companions to bring along when going clubbing and man hunting.  

   I can't stand thin women with fat friends because they are users.  They use their fat friends to look twice as beautiful.  When a thin woman needs an ego boost, she'll stand with her fat friends and feel quite good about herself.  When the thin woman and her fat friends are all wearing the latest fashions, which one looks the best in the newest outfits?  The thin girl is the beauty queen with her fat subjects beneath her. 

  Another thing I can't stand about thin women with fat friends is the "help" factor.  The thin woman is always chock full of advice to her fat friends on how to lose weight.  Exercise tips - to those who are so heavy they can't even bend an inch...or half an inch.  "Stay away from sweets," she advises them, while drowning her chocolate bars with cokes.  "Don't eat fatty foods," she'll say, while they are eating greasy burgers from a fast food place.  She eats at least two burgers with a large order of fries and extra large non diet soda.  She's a textbook of diet and exercise tips for her friends, knowing full well they'll listen and do what they always do.  Eat and sit.  For the thin woman who is genuinely anorexic, the best way to live is vicariously through her fat friends.  While she dines on a lettuce leaf and speck of tuna, they are consuming massive amounts of calories and fat.  The thin woman lives off the smell of the food her fat friends eat.  She looks on with yearning, as if she's a concentration camp victim being tortured.

    I can't stand thin women with fat friends because it looks as if they are surrounded by bodyguards.  If you're going to knock down the thin woman and steal her purse you have to go through three or four hefty bodyguards.  These same bodyguards - I mean, friends - will catch the thin one when she passes out from hunger and starvation, making sure she doesn't get a concussion.  That's what friends are for, right?,

  Will a thin woman tell her fat friends they are fat?  Of course not!  I can't stand thin women with fat friends because they lie.  "That dress looks great on you!," the thin woman tells her fat friend, "Brings out your curves!" - when in reality, the fat friend looks like a lumpy sack of potatoes.  Just by virtue of being thin, the thin woman is naturally complemented when standing with her fat friends.  No matter how ugly her mug is, she looks terrific by comparison to her fat friends.  So she can shower them with false praises about their hair styles, make-up, and clothing choices.  And they eat it up, as rapidly as consuming a bag of chips.  While some may think a thin woman could be an inspiration to her fat friends, it's just not true.  Why should the fat friend change?  She gets the leftovers from her thin friends without having to do any of the work.  The leftover food, the leftover guys or the guys who date the fat friend to get near her thin friend, and gets her ego stoked by having a thin friend who is her bff.  The thin woman's fat friends have no incentive to lose weight or shape up. 

  If I'm with a group of friends in a club or bar, the minute I see a thin woman with a group of fat friends, I don't bother approaching her.  Especially when I see other guys eyeingher.  With my luck, I'd get one of the fat friends.  I can't stand thin women with fat friends.  Because I always end up with the fat friend.  And I don't need another overweight ex-wife wanting alimony to feed her food habit.