When You Evolve, Others Evolve With You

The butterfly effect is the concept that a small change has the potential to initiate a huge event. It's the idea that a gentle flap of a butterfly's wing can cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet.

We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit.

The quantum world is a world that science is just now beginning to understand. While most people do not want to accept some of the findings from quantum physics, the fact is that they are there and that it rules our realities.

Yin and yang. The weather. The economy. Politics. Marketing. Cell behavior. They all have in common that they are dictated by the language of quantum physics.

You see cells aren't simply created and eventually destroyed. They are continually moving, morphing into shapes with slightly different functions based on what the environment asks of them.

When you refuse to change, you refuse to evolve, and ultimately you refuse to live. Luckily we have conscious control over change, and this is the essence of being human. The higher intelligence that separates us from "lower" animals and "inanimate" matter.

A beautiful butterfly wing, is just a mathematical construct of a simple pattern multiplied on itself in "organized"  and symmetrical form. Just a simple shape of a triangle, when multiplied on itself, will resemble the beautiful intricacy of a snowflake.

It's why the complexity of the universe is contained in the Earth, and that the complexity of the earth is contained in an individual rock or cell, and how all the Intelligence of a cell is contained in the energy matter that comprises the cell.

The DNA blueprint behind life is present in every cell, no matter if you're looking at a brain cell or a cell in your cheek.

The fact that we are 99.9% empty space is baffling. The image we "see" is a reflection of energy as interpreted by our eyes. Just as ice, vapor, and water are all really the same thing, we are just different condensations of energy. Just as a differing radiofrequencies are "interpreted" by the radio into separate stations full of beautiful melodies, both past and present.

There's infinite potential of energy to be molded. There's infinite potential in all of us to mimic and become that which we desire.

With this said, thoughts are thought to be the essence of life as they are the essence of consciousness. Thoughts and words are more powerful than force alone. Thoughts spread like viruses, and take physical root in our brains. These thoughts become actions, these actions become results, those results become our legacy.

So when you change your thoughts and change your life. Others are inherently affected. When you evolve, others evolve, and so we depend on one another for our co-evolution.