Like with every industry leader, you cannot expect Google to just stand pat as their competitors continue to upgrade their services. For Internet users, evolving with Google is easy, just stay tuned to what new services the Big G is offering, try it out, then use it or leave it. For internet marketing experts, though, keeping up with Google is a whole different ballgame.

Internet entrepreneurs count on search engines to bring the bulk of the traffic to their site. This can be achieved by targeting keywords and optimizing the site to rank well for such search strings. The problem is, if you can call it that, search engines are continuously updating their algorithm to make sure that they provide the best results for every search. This means that internet marketers have to be up to date as to what the search engines have recently changed.

Some changes are major which could jumble the rankings. For internet marketing experts who just made it to the top of the rankings, these major changes could be very problematic. It could bring their rankings down which will then reduce the number of visitors and potential customers. Of course, major changes are not made every month or so which means you would not be forced to make major changes to your site to maintain your ranking.

It is the small changes that you should be aware of to make sure that your site would become more popular online. For example, Google's Instant Previews give searchers a quick view of the sites listed on the result pages. If your website's design does not look professional and the visitor is looking to buy, they might be put off by your website and just pick another site from the list. In response, you should see to it that your site looks good especially if you are selling something.

How can you stay up to date with all the changes Google are making? You can read Internet marketing blogs, participate in related forums, or just continue using Google for your own searches and try to take note of something new they added. Also it would be a good idea to follow Google's own blog. If you are too busy with other aspects of your business, hiring an SEO company would be a good option since they are, and should be, up to date with the latest changes made by Google.