For you to have a clearer understanding of what private proxies are, let’s us first talk about a very important component of your computer networking capacity- the IP address.  You’ve heard of it a thousand times but what really is an IP address?


Whenever you connect to the internet and visit a website, you open up your computer to millions of hackers in the whole world.  That is a fact because every time you enter the web address of the site you wish to visit, it sends information from your computer in a form of IP address.  IP stands for Internet Protocol.  Every computer has its own IP address.  It’s like a serial number.  Whenever you go to a website, your computer sends out its IP address for the site to send back information.  So when you open up your facebook account or whenever you watch videos on YouTube or do your online banking, your IP address becomes available to these websites.  IP address basically links you to the World Wide Web.


Because of the IP address, online scammers and hackers can trace your computer and remotely access it without your permission and without you even knowing it.  Chances are your financial information such as your bank details (card number, pin, social security number, etc) might be hacked by these people.   Sure you don’t want this to happen. 


Why private proxies make sense

This is where proxies make sense.  A web proxy is like a middleman that hides your IP address from the rest of the internet players.  So when you go to a website, before your computer sends out request for access, you first send your IP address to a proxy and that proxy server sends your request to the website.  In turn, the website provides information back to the proxy and then to you.  Through this, you are protecting your computer from any online threat made by hackers and scammers.   There are two kinds of proxy- the free and the private (which is usually paid) proxy.  When it comes to these proxies, you get what you pay for.  Free proxies are very inconsistent and since many people use them, they are slow and downtime is very common.   On the other hand, private proxies are faster, has less if no system downtimes and they’re very accurate.


Aside from protecting you from online hackers and scammers, a private proxy allows you to access websites that are not accessible in your location.  Your network is basically restricted by your network source.  There are sites in other geographical locations which you are not allowed to access.  But if you have a private proxy server, if you wish to access a UK website restricted to people based in London alone, you can do so even you’re in America. 


Where can I find private proxies?

There are many private proxy providers.  Some of the big names are,, and  You can also search in Google to get more options.  Be careful in choosing a private proxy provider.  Your provider must be reliable, credible, and offers satisfying services that match your money and your trust too.