Pros and Cons of Exam Outcome Oriented Teaching

Exam result oriented teaching is basically a notion by which the trainer understands the exam contents pretty well and leads the students through the syllabus, all the while holding his/her eye around the notion that the sole purpose will be to assist the pupil achieve high grades on the exam itself, irregardless of the curriculum material.

There could very well be lots of arguments either in support of as well as opposing this particular method of educating. The teacher will have to find out which topics should really be weighted more or maybe less compared to others and after that lead the learners down an incredibly intently constructed path of precise education and learning - with one target - high examination success.

Whilst there's no disagreeing that this teaching approach achieves the aim of making sure the huge bulk of pupils will score very well in the examinations, one have to ask once again - is this the right approach to train our youngsters?

In fact, the system that comes with an examination outcome oriented strategy of teaching is developing a unrealistic condition of "easy testing." This could possibly lead to a student who transfers from this academic institution and into one where by a far more traditional principle is taught and practiced to fall short miserably since there exists no longer an exceptionally clear and concise understanding of specifically what to be prepared for when it's time for exams. In parallel, when a pupil graduates from high school and enters higher education, should they happen to go to a school, or maybe a class, where examination result oriented teaching will not be the usual approach, they'll find it invariably more difficult to perform well in that testing environment. Yet, other than immersing in an exams-oriented schooling environment, students can implement strategies to succeed in examinations.

Exam result oriented teaching produces a phony perception of safety as well as confidence in life itself. A pupil who has been put through an examination result oriented education isn't going to know how to rebound if they end up with a misstep on an exam; nor do these people understand how to study intensely for any "unknown" of not being ready to say with guarantee they undoubtedly know every one of the answers to all of the queries in life to each of the questions which will be on the examination.

Though the pros are heavily weighted in the fantastic to the school; for retention of crucial funding and for your all round ease of the cookie-cutter curriculum that becomes stale and repeatable, the cons are substantially extra ominous for our children who're not studying the invaluable skill of the best way to understand on their own, or the way to study diligently for something they want or need to attain.

When these young people get into the employed pool as well as real world they may find that the paradise they are used to, this total perception of entitlement, carries with it a unpleasant realization that world is not fair. That life is not straightforward. And sad to say, that they are ill-prepared. This could cause depression symptoms, confusion, and despair. This could induce a normally average individual to perform sub-par in their professions, and so establish a lifelong path of underachieving; merely because they were never trained throughout their formative years how to work hard to acquire their ambitions, instead of requiring anything basically given to them.

On the other hand, it is also likely that the self-confidence that was instilled by a relatively "simple" education process will help to offer a young adult the self confidence to achieve success in trickier circumstances. When presented with an unknown variable, they may feel assured they can handle it with grace and ease, simply because - after all - they've normally been capable to do so. Therefore, once they enter into the workforce and society as an adult, these are a go-getter, simply because they recognize they should do well. It's been a verified fact of their entire life till adulthood that they bring with them all through every challenge they encounter in life.

The jury might be out over the actual effect to society of examination result oriented educating, nonetheless it is apparent that we are teaching our children a lesson - regardless of whether it is a positive lesson or maybe a detrimental lesson might not yet be clear.