Introduction to Omer Spear Guns
Omer spear guns provide high quality spear guns to divers who want to enhance their diving experiences with a thrilling underwater hunt. The challenges and costs of learning to dive not withstanding, learning to hunt with a spear gun offers up another set of challenges and a whole new world of rewards. Most people will agree that spear hunting for fish yields far less success than angling from a boat. But then again you’re not trying to entice your quarry with bait or lures. You’ve entered their domain and seek to stalk and hunt them in their own territory.

Spearing fish requires patience, an awareness of the unique conditions you are hunting in, and a quality spear gun designed to perform how you need it to.  While this is by far and away most common as a practice in saltwater, in some states a limited amount of freshwater fishing is allowed when using a speargun, but this practice is very closely and carefully regulated.

More on Omer Spear Fishing Guns
Omer spear guns are produced and manufactured using certain design concepts which their company feels can be universally applied to all spear guns to make hunts more successful and allow for clean kills.  One of these key concepts is balance.  Until you bring a spear gun into the water it will be difficult to determine how you will like the feel of that particular fishing tool.  Divers will often develop preferences such as whether or not they want their spear guns to be slightly buoyant, neutral, or slightly sinking. 

These preferences will also be reflected in other customizations such as the design or material used in the shafts and spear tips themselves.  As a general rule stock shafts work best with only one band.  Thicker shafts or shafts made from spring steel can be used with more powerful band configurations as the shaft more quickly returns to its natural shape.  When you're looking at the many different types of these available, it's important to look at company reputation.  Omer spearguns are among soem of the favorites because of their excellent balance, high reliability, and positive word of mouth from other underwater anglers.

Practice Makes Perfect
Diving as often as possible, learning your hunting habits and learning the details of your particular spear gun will increase the amount of success you’ll have underwater.  Many professional divers own and utilize more than one spear gun depending on the fish their going after or the water that they are hunting in.  Regardless of whether you are buying your first spear gun or narrowing in on the perfect spear gun for you, Omer Spear Guns likely has something up your alley.

More to Know About Omer Fishing Guns
Omer spear guns are also designed to offer sensitive to medium triggers.  As a general rule, adding power bands to a spear gun can reduce trigger sensitivity.  With trigger sensitivity reduced and more force applied to make the shot, this force can cause the spear gun to move or shift reducing the accuracy of the shot.  This unwanted motion can be compensated for with a heavier spear gun.  The analogy used in the industry is to liken the spear to a rocket and the spear gun to a launch pad. 

The speargun has to be larger to maintain accuracy for long range or extremely powerful shots.  The manufacturer also understands that for the novice spear fisher, a low-priced spear gun which is simple and easy to use will be far more useful than a more complex spear gun.  A more complex spear gun will offer many advantages to a skilled spear hunter while the same features are disadvantages for the inexperienced.