There are many ways for writers to make money online, and one of the biggest obstacles early on can be choosing which route to go, or deciding on how to balance it. Basically, there is the long time traditional method of getting paid per article or per job. This is how most in print writing jobs worked for years, with the only example of residual income being royalties from published novels or books. However online this split isn't necessary as any writer can get paid per job or through residual income, or both.

While writing online finding work isn't hard at all, but the key is finding enough decent enough paying work to make a full time run of it. There are hundreds if not thousands of writers who already make a full time living only working online, so it's very possible. Some go the pay per job method to accomplish this while others are one hundred percent passive income and have set up their own blogs and websites to make money off of affiliate sales, membership fees, donations, or advertising revenue (with Google AdSense being the most famous and most well known). Many writers make their living through some combination of the two, and even many full time passive income writers started off doing half and half.

However many freelance writers find it very difficult to make the transition from active writing income which they're familiar with to moving onto passive income which also often requires a lot of article marketing, SEO, and "free writing" which can seem like a waste at first glance but is a critical part of building up a website's rankings or brand to get to the point where you can earn a full time income. Most writers therefore need a good mentor program, and this is where The Keyword Academy can come in.

While there are many paid mentoring programs out there, The Keyword Academy (TKA for short) boasts over 1,000 members and was founded by successful marketers who taught a step by step process to making money with Amazon or AdSense. This program has been written about by many different blogs and posts, and they continue to get attention due to multiple tools, open webinars, and the goal of getting a thousand members up to $1,000 a month. Whether they ever make this goal has yet to be seen, but it's an interesting program that stands out for being more teaching than forum based, whereas many other programs are strongly forum based in nature.