Framework for a Company Idea Pitch

Are you in an entrepreneurship class at your school or university? Is your teacher demanding a one page sales pitch for your new product or service, but not offering any examples or guidance. Below you will find an example of a one page sales pitch for a mock company called “Fresh Fruit Daily.” Please feel free to use the framework below to help guide you in your own creation of a one page sales pitch for your product or company.


Fresh Fruit Daily

 Fresh FruitCredit: pixabay.comFresh Fruit Daily is designed to satiate those mid-afternoon work snackers that desire to indulge in snack choices that are healthier in nature.   Too often diets are compromised and poor eating decisions are made while at work, simply for lack of options.  Vending machines are packed with sugary desserts and salty fried chips, and rather than go hungry, healthy snackers often find themselves pushing the button to dispense these unhealthy treats.

Fresh Fruit Daily offers these workers a healthier option.  By opting into our service, fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries can be made with customized orders to companies on requested days.  Our wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables can be delivered to companies and schools.  Companies wishing to offer their employees healthier snacking options, or even small groups of workers wishing to snack guilt-free can opt into our delivery network.

By teaming with regional couriers and produce wholesalers, Fresh Fruit Daily is able to service various regions quickly and cost effectively.  After placing their recurring order schedule on our site, Fresh Fruit Daily customers are then added to our partner’s delivery routes allowing for monthly, weekly, or even daily “wellness” deliveries.  Because the work is done locally, customers can be assured that they are supporting local business owners and that their deliveries will be fresh and timely.

Orders of fresh fruits and vegetables are only limited to the seasonality of produce in the customer’s region, and a moderate minimum order quantity.  By modifying the frequency of delivery almost any customer group size can enjoy meeting these minimums, allowing them to enjoy healthy, delicious snack options while at work or school.   In summary, Fresh Fruit Daily allows customers to snack on healthy, local, and fresh produce when their work hunger strikes.


In Summary

A great sales pitch outlines a clear message about the business. It leaves no questions unanswered surrounding revenue sources and sales channels. It accounts for expected costs, and potential challenges. The messaging should include the plans for overcoming these obstacles, and how consumers will be prompted to buy. If hard figures and facts can be included, this goes a long way in making your story believable. Have a strong grasp of the size of your market, and the price points of current competitors. If the idea is entirely novel, find an analogous industry with which to compare your new product or service. Ultimately, however, what has the greatest bearing on the effectiveness of your message is the confidence with which you present it. Others will only believe, if you believe!