Summer welcomes exciting make up trends that are often feminine, fun, and exciting. These latest beauty trends usually focus on new summer makeup styles that are sure to become popular to women wanting to take advantage of such trends. Summer is a hot season, which is why everyone wants to look their best as they look forward to these warm, summery days.

Here are some of the summer make up trends that women must take note of:

Go for Pink-reddish Cheeks

Gone are the days of tinted and bronzed cheeks. For this summer, women must definitely opt for natural pink-reddish hue. For those with dark-pigmented skin type, they can go for dark-red blush. However, they might still want to follow it with a dark-pink color. This color will make one’s face exude a summer glow. During the night, some shimmer onto the cheek bones is advised.

Orange Lipstick for Dark Lips

The latest trends suggest darker lips during this summer, which is why it is best to go for orange lipstick. Matte orange lips are the rage this summer. Orange shimmer on the cheeks and eyes assures a better and more enhanced look.

Still, there are women who prefer lighter shade on their lips. If this is the case, they must go for coral color; which is known to be a widely-used neutral shade. Coral-hued lipstick works well when combined with a dark eye makeup.

Pale Pastel Eye shadow

Pale strokes of pastel eye shadow are the trend for this summer. The best colors to consider are baby pink, reddish orange, purple, and blue. Use this type of eye shadow with an added shimmer. This will result in a better and longer-lasting look. Eye shadows are best paired with some eyeliner, making for a totally complete look.

Eye shadows can be expensive; hence, it is advice to buy it from the wholesale store in order to avail of huge discounts.

Be Generous on Moisturizer

The sun can dry the skin easily, which is why it is a must to put on a good amount of moisturizer on the face. Best to use is the tinted type, which provides sufficient nourishment to the skin while not adding to the overall heaviness brought about by the makeup.

Needless to say, the warm months of summer are about the hottest of colors. And all tints and hues suggested by the latest beauty trends are sure to complement the hot days of the season.

An important advice from makeup experts; women must be true to their skin tone when considering the makeup that’s best for them this summer. Apply this tip and women are sure to enjoy an attractive makeup and exotic, summery look; while having the most exhilarating time of their lives this summer.