There are not many places left in the world that are as captivating and as energising as Vietnam and if you are thinking about a vacation there then you should allow enough time to make a visit to alluring and mysterious Halong Bay.

Why should you visit Vietnam? If ever there was a reason to spend a holiday in Vietnam, it would be to immerse yourself in the Oriental Neverland whose possession changed the world. The once known only for its importance as a battleground for giant superpowers, Vietnam has emerged independent and flourishing with its mysterious spices and overwhelming architecture. The blending of European culture and Southeast Asian inscrutable charm is reason enough to make a holiday in Vietnam a definite choice. Let your first steps in Vietnam find yourself standing open mouthed doubting the reality of such a city as Saigon now called Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotel Majestic - The Hotel Majestic is one of few historic hotels which date back to the French colonial era. It was founded in 1925 and still stands strong. It is considered a 5-star luxury hotel that is visited by many tourists every year. With 175 guest rooms, this hotel overlooks a beautiful view of the Saigon River and has hosted famous authors, the Japanese Imperial Army, heads of state and more.

There was the Battle of Bach Dang River. This is the battle which gave Vietnam its independence from china. After many feuds with the French over the territory, this eventually leads to the famously known event of the Vietnam War.

Holidays are a time to create memories . The memories made from your travel to Vietnam will last a lifetime. And remember, to ensure a safe trip home, touch the Sacred Horse of Quan Cong.

These tips and hints are just a small selection of the many wonderful sights, sounds and smells which are certain to delight and captivate you. You will uncover this incredible and unique country for yourself when you visit on your Vietnam holidays. Come and explore the truly rich and magnificent and welcoming country. Vietnam is certain to amaze and delight you and leave you with so many wonderful and happy memories.

Use some of the many resources to help you to plan your vacation easily, such as guide books, brochures and online guides such as which has loads of country advice, tips, photos and sample itineraries for you to use.