Dubai Helicopter ToursCredit: Flickr/george shahdaAn exclusive helicopter tour around Dubai is one of the coolest ways to see the great architecture of Dubai. You will be able to witness these magnificent structures such as the Dubai World Trade Center from an overhead view as your helicopter hovers long enough for you to take some dramatic pictures with your camera or some awesome footage with your video camera.

Buildings to See In Dubai from a Helicopter

Dubai has 63 buildings that are 656 feet or taller. Regardless of where you Dubai chopper pilot takes you, rest assured that you will always seem some of the beautiful and tall Dubai architecture. There are however a few Dubai buildings that you truly must see from a Helicopter.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. Any view of the City of Dubai from a helicopter will include a view of the can’t miss Burj Khalifa. If you tip and ask you chopper pilot to get closer to the world’s tallest building you can get some truly amazing pictures took, even if you are not hovering directly over this super tall building.

Business Bay Buildings

These gorgeous looking pieces of Dubai Architecture are often overlooked by the locals; however tourists are enamored with the style of the Business Bay Buildings in Dubai. Seeing the Business Bay Buildings from a helicopter tour make these buildings look so cool. The Business Bay Buildings are some of the Dubai buildings you will want to keep an eye out for as you tour the City of Dubai by helicopter.

Dubai Sunset

If you can schedule your tour to take place at sunset you will see the city of Dubai from the air in an entirely new light, literally. It seems as if Dubai takes on sense of a magical kingdom when the sun begins to set. The light reflecting off and illuminating some of the tallest buildings in the world is definitely a unique experience for many Dubai visitors.

Dubai Promo Coupons Helicopter Tours

Many hotels in Dubai will be able to help you get promo coupons for one of the many companies such as AeroGulf that operate Dubai helicopter tours. Visiting the United Arab Emirates will give you the chance to see a world that is far richer and very different from where you live.