Sick woman
Credit: PublicDomainPictures

Calling in sick to work, one would think is simple. Pick up the phone, dial the number, wait for the boss to answer, tell them the reason and bam its over. Sometimes it is that simple, other times it does not seem to work out as smooth, especially if you are faking an illness and cannot come up with a legit reason.

So here are 60 reasons why you might be sick today, whether your boss believes you is another story. If they don't at least you told an interesting story.

  1. You have stomach issues, diarrhoea, vomiting or it might be food poisoning.
  2. You have the Flu, and don’t want to share it around.
  3. You have this red rash all over you, omg you might have the chicken pox or something worse!
  4. Conjunctivitis. A red swollen stuck eye. Very contagious.
  5. Horrible Migraine.
  6. Car won’t start.
  7. The kids are sick and you have no babysitter.
  8. Your Doctor phoned and you have to go back in for some reason.
  9. Family member was involved in an accident.
  10. Your mother is very sick and you need to take her up to the hospital.
  11. You have the nasty farts and you are scared what’s coming next.
  12. You have a surprise visitor from out of town.
  13. I kicked my toe getting ready and I think it’s broken.
  14. I’ve locked my keys in the car.
  15. I blew my nose and now it won’t stop bleeding.
  16. The neighbour’s dog got hit by a car and I have to take it to the vet.
  17. My brother is getting out of jail and I have to pick him up.
  18. My neighbour is pregnant and gone into labour; I have to do the hospital run.
  19. I feel sad
  20. I can’t find my shoes
  21. I was attacked while walking my dog this morning and I need to go report it.
  22. I’m still drunk from last night.
  23. My partner just broke up with me, I’m too upset.
  24. Don’t call in sick, call in well. You’re too well to be at work.
  25. The council is working on the power lines and has parked their truck in front of my driveway.
  26. My partner can’t get out of bed; I’m staying home to take care of them.
  27. It’s raining, and I can’t drive in the rain.
  28. I don’t have bus money.
  29. The car ran out of fuel, and it’s too far to walk to the fuel station before work.
  30. I have really bad anxiety; think I might have a panic attack!
  31. My husband had a vasectomy yesterday I need to stay home and care for him.
  32. I was leaving for work and fell down my stairs, think I may have broken something.
  33. My agoraphobia is really bad today, I just can’t come.
  34. I’m too scared to drive after the accident I nearly had on the weekend.
  35. My garage door won’t open, my car is stuck inside.
  36. There has been an emergency family meeting called, I don’t know why but I have to attend.
  37. My cat is having kittens and I need to take her to the vet.
  38. The washing machine died yesterday, I don’t have any clean work clothes.
  39. The dog chewed the clothes of the clothesline; I need to go buy more uniforms.
  40. My electricity went out during the night; I have to clean all the off food out of my fridge.
  41. The weather channel on the internet says there might be a hail storm coming; I’m not willing to risk driving in it.
  42. I was up all night with the baby, they wouldn’t stop crying.
  43. I have a temperature and it might be the signs of something big!
  44. I can’t come into work today, it is my birthday.
  45. I cracked my tooth eating breakfast I need to go to the dentist.
  46. I have a flat tyre, and I don’t know how to change it.
  47. I left the windows open in my house last night, now everything is drenched. I have to clean it up.
  48. I was told someone was going to bash me at work today; I’m too scared to say who or come in.
  49. I’ve lost my wedding ring; if I don’t find it my wife will divorce me.
  50. My new furniture is arriving today, I have to home to let them inside.
  51. I can’t come into work today as I slipped over in the shower and twisted my ankle.
  52. I don’t fit into my work clothes; I think I must have eaten too much on the weekend.
  53. I was using the hair straightener this morning and burnt my hair, now I have to go to the hairdressers and get it fixed.
  54. I’ve been so stressed that I have no got a cold sore. It’s so big I couldn’t stand for anyone to see it.
  55. The babysitter just rang to say they can’t make it. I have to stay home to watch the kids.
  56. I won the lottery; need to go collect my winnings.
  57. I got attacked by a dog last night and now I need a tetanus shot.
  58. I don’t have any lunch money.
  59. My mate got sent to jail, I need to say goodbye.
  60. I have a job interview.

Just remember, if you were caught out partying on the weekend, or shopping 2 hours before work, then your excuse needs to be extra smart!