Do you know when the best time of day is to exercise? Exercising after eating a large meal may be difficult if you tend to follow hard core programs but assuming you do light to moderate exercise on a daily basis like walking or light cardio the best time to exercise may be after eating.

Exercise right after eating a full meal has the benefits of offsetting some of the short term damage to your arteries that bad fats in your food can inflict on your body. It is a well known fact that if you were to have a blood test and then eat a greasy burger and then do another blood test the fats and cholesterol in your blood would be much worse. Exercising however, helps to return your arteries to their intended and healthy state and when you exercise after eating it can help bring your blood back to a healthier state quicker than doing nothing.

This can be significant for people who eat poorly throughout the day… especially those people with desk jobs. When you have a desk job you usually break for lunch around mid-day and go get something to eat. Many people with desk jobs will end up getting a sandwich or a burger or a burrito. Some will eat healthy but it's hard to do this every single working day.

After eating these people simply go back to their desks and sit. If they eat poorly then their arteries are taking a beating. Simply going for a walk after eating may be a good way to mitigate and minimize the negative short term affects of poor dietary choices. Sure, going for a walk might take some energy that would otherwise be diverted to the digestive system but is this really such a bad thing?

Of course relying on exercise or walking after having a high fat meal alone is not a good plan for long term health. You really need to begin a regimen of light cardio vascular exercise on a daily basis. You have to be active every day if you want to remain healthy for a lifetime and you have to minimize and possibly cut out the bad dietary choices all together. Sure, that burger tastes good and it's easy but you aren't doing your body any favors by eating it at all.

All of the poor dietary choices you make are negative factors in your life and they all have a negative impact on your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and overall health. Going walking after eating may be a good place to start to turn an unhealthy lifestyle around but eventually you will have to make further steps in the right direction.