Exercise Equipment Rental

Are You Curious About Exercise Equipment Rental?

Most people want to be in shape and some people are not sure what equipment is right for them. In this case, exercise equipment rental is a good opportunity to try it before you buy it. However, many of the companies that sell exercise equipment will give you a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as free delivery. This needs to be considered as well.

So When Does Exercise Equipment Rental Make Sense?

Many would recommend exercise equipment rental as a great idea for someone who knows they will be moving soon (such as someone expecting a job transfer) but wants to continue maintaining good workouts. Exercise equipment rental also makes sense for business people who do not want to spend a lot of money on fitness products, a personal trainer who wants to save the maintenance and upkeep expenses, or people who have a fitness center and want a variety of professional exercise equipment without the huge expense involved. In addition, it's good for those who have fitness centers and want to avoid the loss from depreciation, without any corresponding increase to the value of their business.

Exercise Equipment Rental: Make Money With a Fitness Center

Many companies that offer the professional exercise equipment rental will include repairs and maintenance expenses for as long as you rent the machines. For a small monthly payment you should be able to rent enough equipment that only a few membership fees per month will pay for.

For example, you can rent an elliptical machine, two air bikes, and a treadmill for about $400 per month. If you charge customers $100 per month you only need four customers to pay this expense. If you have 20 customers a month your monthly income would be $2,000 less $400 for exercise equipment rental, leaving your gross profit at $1,600 (less your regular operating expenses). It's not too difficult to leverage this equipment into an actual business.

Have you been to a gym? They usually have far more than only 20 customers. Let's look at an even better example. When you have 40 customers, your monthly income would be $4,000 less $400 for exercise equipment rental. This would put your gross monthly profit at $3,600 less regular operating expenses. Remember, a lot of people who purchase gym memberships often don't visit the gym frequently. This is why gyms can always afford to have less machines than the number of people who belong to the gym.

Others Who Might Want Exercise Equipment Rental

Corporations, universities, hospitals, or medical centers who want to offer exercise services to employees, students, or others may be interested in fitness opportunities. The selection of exercise machines could consistently be updated with new equipment as it becomes available.

Just one employee, who monitors the people to make sure the equipment is being used safely and properly, would be the only added expense. This is not only excellent public relations; it is also a way of giving something back to the public. With the maintenance and repairs included in your monthly fee, the exercise equipment rental makes a great deal of sense. Once again, you are leveraging the utility of low cost machinery to perform the job that expensive machinery usually performs.