Exercise Hula Hoops

Exercise Hula Hoops

Hula hoops gained their initial popularity in the 1950's as a child's toy and you very well may have had one! They were made of plastic tubes shaped in a circle that the child would twirl around the waistline for fun, games and activity. The hula hoop is still popular to this day but, has become increasingly popular among adults as a tool for exercising. Hula hoops come is heavier plastic, a wide variety of colors, some with LED lighting and sizes that range from 28 inches for children to 40 inches for adults.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, a leading authority of medical experts providing information on health and wellness, hula hoops can be a great tool to include in your daily workout routine.

Some people stop exercising when they become bored or fail to see results fast enough. One reason for this is that the muscles used in exercise begin to develop a tolerance and get comfortable doing the same routines over and over again. By changing your workout routine to include a different variety of exercises and equipment used daily, you increase your chances of success at burning fat and calories to get into better shape while improving your fitness level.

One way to change the regular routine of the muscles and give them a different and better workout is to include an exercise hula hoop. Hula hooping is a fun way to exercise and dance and the time goes fast without it feeling like exercise.

How to Use Exercise Hula Hoops

Find a hula hoop at a sporting goods store or online at amazon or many other online stores in the appropriate size for you ranging from $10 - $35. 40 inches for an adult is fairly standard in sizing and should extend beyond the shoulder area when placed on the floor.

While in a standing position with feet slightly apart, place the hula hoop on the waistline while holding it with two hands.

Place one foot forward. With the hands, grab the hula hoop and spin it around the waistline while rotating the hips to keep it on the waist and moving around.

It may take several attempts to keep the hula hoop on the waistline and moving – it's a hip action that will keep it.

Once you get the hang of keeping the hula hoop up and moving, keep twirling and spinning it around your waistline for as long as possible.

An effective aerobic workout with an exercise hula hoop should last at least 10 minutes.

After getting comfortable with the motion of the hula hoop, try adding music to your exercise workout and dancing with the hula hoop on your waistline.

After more practice with the hula hoop, you may be able to move the hula hoop up towards your neck using the twirling motion of your hips and possibly down around the buttocks.

Do at least 10 minutes of exercising per day with the hula hoop to add variety and interest to your muscles for an effective workout that will help to burn fat and calories as well as to reduce the waistline and love handles.

How to Hula Hoop Exercise

As you improve your hula hoop exercise routine, consider adding a second or third hoop or a hula hoop with LED lighting for more interest and variety to your workout.

Good luck with the exercise hula hoops, I hope you'll have fun and find new ways to exercise using a hula hoop. Get one for everyone in the family or a gift for a friend and workout together to get in better shape. It's fun!

photos: www.istockphoto.com