Live Longer With Exercise

Exercise has long been shown to decrease the risks associated with almost all forms of disease. Exercise keeps the heart and cardiovascular system in shape while helping to maintain healthy weight. Exercise also keeps the muscles, bones and joints, in working order and helps people age with more mobility and independence. Without keeping up with exercise living a longer life would be a struggle on you and those you rely on.

Among the obvious reasons to exercise more often or at least stay active in your daily life there are a number of less obvious but quite notable research findings which support the theory that exercising frequently encourages longer life by decreasing the risks associated with old age,. There are countless research findings which show that various medical conditions are greatly impacted by one's activity level. Simply going walking every day has immediate effects on the heart and blood pressure levels effectively improving arterial hypertension. More intense exercise has strong beneficial effects on blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Weight in particular which is kept in check with exercise and proper diet is among the greatest causes of insulin resistance and diabetes. However you can assume working out can help decrease those risks dramatically. You can actually increase your life expectancy and live longer with running or adding weight training to your every day routine.

Live A Longer Life

Not only does exercise lead to longer life as demonstrated by longevity statistics and the life expectancy tables but it also leads to greater quality of life in one's advanced years. Weight training has been shown to decrease joint pain in the elderly, yoga has been shown to increase sex drive, aerobic exercise of any kind aide in vision and has been shown to extend life 12 years beyond the expected life span of those who do not stay active as they get older.

In fact by participating in routine exercise you are effectively lowering your chances from death from any and all causes. Depressed people don't live as long as non-depressed people and exercise is an effective form of depression treatment. Active people are more agile and less frail. This is how to live longer because of exercise. These people are less likely to die from accidents as a result. Active people will also live longer simply because their bodies are in better shape. They are less likely to be overweight and less likely to develop diseases that affect the obese.

If you want to live a longer life you absolutely must include exercise into your lifestyle, and if not exercise you must alter you lifestyle to include many active activities to supplement the lack of exercise. Those who do not stay active or exercise are far less likely to live long lives with quality elderly years. If you want a longer life make the changes to your lifestyle today. Make a personal investment in your future; start exercising and start living a healthier and longer life.