Using a exercise machine mat is a great way to protect your hardwood, tile or carpeted floors from the pressure points of a treadmill or other exercise equipment.

With more and more people adding a home gym to their basements or other parts of the house, the floor needs to be a consideration if you want to protect your environment.  Many of these high quality and very expensive pieces of exercise equipment, such as ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes and more have rubber feet to stop them from slipping, but this can be hard on your freshly finished floors.

You may have thought of a exercise mat for yourself to keep you comfortable, but you should seriously consider getting high density foam mats to fit under your machines.  These are specially designed to take the weight of the machine and you while in use.  A treadmill can take quite a beating if you are running at full speed!Exercise Machine Mat

If you don't want to have your treadmill running right along with you, then you need to stabilize it, and these exercise machine mats will also help with any floor leveling issues your machine may have when you bring it home.

These mats are usually pieced together like a jig saw, and then can be taken apart or added to another larger mat.  Each machine should have its own mat, unless you plan on covering the floor with one larger one.

90" X 43" X ~5/8" Thick Treadmill Mat w/ Edging: Exercise Equipment Floor Protection Mat

These exercise machine mats come with side and corner edges, that stop you from tripping over them.  These are something you should consider if you are planning on setting up a home gym or you are simply adding a treadmill to your family room while you watch TV!

These can be used on carpet as well, but work very well on hardwood and tiled floors.  There are durable and easy to clean. 

One of the best benefits of these mats, is their noise reduction.  If you have ever heard a treadmill on a hardwood floor, you would know what I mean, the machine tends to echo in the room.  Using machine pad underneath will help to keep the noise level down in your exercise area.

This way you don't have to have the TV up at full volume.  The treadmill I was using left major dents in the floor at the pressure points.  I regret not getting a exercise machine mat earlier. 

You can usually get these at the exercise equipment stores, but you can get a good assortment for a good price online at sites such as Amazon.

If you are planning a home gym and are planning on adding a few pieces of equipment, or simply want a treadmill while watching TV, consider protecting your floor with a exercise machine mat.  This way if you move your gym, or go to sell your house, you don't have dents and scratches in the floor to have to deal with.  My machine left black marks in the carpet that I couldn't get out and had to replace the carpet.