You do not need to go to a gym to get a workout, the exercise machines that are sold for in home use are now capable of giving you the same results. Exercise equipment is either for strength training or a cardiovascular workout. There are some total gyms that will give you everything you want all in one huge machine.

You can create a home gym with a few small items and even one larger one. Decide what it is you want to concentrate on before spending money on equipment. There are so many exercises that you can do that do not require big heavy equipment of any kind.

If you already know that you enjoy walking or running the most but you can't always get out. You might want to get a treadmill. You can run to your favorite music in whatever clothing you desire and still be comfortable. Or set your machine for a leisurely walk and watch movie. The treadmills that are out now can even be set for an incline if you feel like going uphill.

You can get an ab lounge that will allow you to use the minimum effort while still achieving maximum results on your abdomen, if you prefer not to do the traditional crunches. If you are tired of plain pilates you can now buy an exercise machine that will add resistance to your routine and give you a cardio workout along with the stretching and flexibility.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association compared treadmills, cross country ski simulators, stair machines, rowing machines and exercise bikes. The one that ranked highest for calorie burning was the treadmill. So if that is your ultimate goal the treadmill would be best for you.

If strength training is what you desire than maybe a total home gym is the piece of equipment that you need. With one of these you will be able to work on all of your muscle groups without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You do need a large space though, so be sure to measure the one you are interested in before spending anything.

When you hear the word machine, you tend to think that it has parts that move without you actually moving them. Exercise machines do not work like that. No matter what machine you may decide on, you will still be the one doing the work. This is why you will be the one toning your muscles and shaping your body. No piece of machinery will do that for you.

You can have the best equipment that money can buy, but if you do not get on it and use the machine, it is still just a dust collector. You are the one who is doing the exercise, you are the one who will benefit from the exercise. Do not spend your money on an exercise machine unless you know that you will actually use it, and make sure you check the reviews of other users to get a good idea of the quality of the exercise equipment you are looking to buy.