Every day, when you turn on your television, you see countless of offers and exercise machines that are more or less the same. They offer the same workout but at varying prices. With a sea of these machines, there is a dilemma of choosing the right exercise machine for you. Here are some of the must-have exercise gadgets that should be found in your gym room.
Yes, the good old treadmill. Nowadays, it’s getting a face lift and added few modifications to blend in with the high tech world. Nonetheless, the purpose it serves is still unparalleled. One must take note that in order to fully burn the stored fats, oxygen must come into play. The only way for oxygen to reach specific body parts is if it’s going to be carried by the blood. 
The type of exercise that treadmills give focuses on your cardio. Cardio workouts are good because the routine is very effective in burning fats and it does not require you to lift anything heavy. This equipment is good to have and incorporate it in your daily exercise routine since it’s very easy to use and you can add a little twist to it by playing music and jogging with the pace of your music.
Exercise Bike
This exercise equipment has more or less the same function as that of a treadmill in the sense that it targets your heart and circulation, making it a good alternative for cardio exercises. What the exercise bike brings to the table is that it adds a new dimension to your exercise routine, with options to adjust the biking resistance, thereby giving you the ability to not only burn fat but also develop your leg muscles. 
An exciting way of using the exercise bike is by alternating your rhythm. You can go the full 20 seconds with high intensity biking and then decrease the rhythm for another 10 seconds and after that doing another high intensity biking. This way, your cardio exercise is increased in effectiveness by two folds.
Jump Rope
The jumping rope may look primitive but it does offer you almost the same intensity as using a treadmill and offers you great flexibility. Furthermore, you can add your own twist to it and even make your own exercise routine. The key to using the jump rope is to have fun. By doing so, you’re eliminating the sense of urgency to finish the routine and is presented with a fun activity that burns stored fat.
Running Shoes
Yes you get it right; you will be running in your home. In this case, running does not necessarily entail that you go a distance. You can run or jog in place, run just a few feet back and forth. With this activity, you break the monotony of staying in one corner of your gym room and actually are presented with flexibility and creativity. You can even incorporate other routines with this routine. One example would be to do 5 jump ropes every time you reach one point in your destination and doing another 5 jump rope when going back. 
The possibility is endless when talking about targeting a simple cardio exercise. Again, the key is having fun and enjoying what you’re doing. Keeping the end goal in sight always proves beneficial in that it increases your driving force towards finishing what you have started.