Exercise Routines

We all know America is the leading nation for obesity and we are doing the best we can to change the nickname. I will try to show you new routines every day to properly lose weight and keep it off. Losing weight is not just about how much exercise you can do, but also about proper self-esteem and a will to lose weight.

Positive affirmations

Knowing you can lose weight is the first step to loosing weight. You are your master and ultimate boss in the long road of weight loss. Think that you can lose the weight. Sit down and close your eyes. Think of the weight loss just melting off from the areas affected. Breath in and out with proper breath holding. Do this exercise for 5 minutes so you can feel fresh. Remember you have control now.

Setting goals to work towards.

Make sure you have a proper goal to work towards, A weight loss of 10-15 pounds a month is a good start. Make sure you take measurements of all your body parts, neck shoulders, back, and waist. Keeping proper check of these measurements will help bust morale if you don't see the weight loss on the scale.Remember you will control your change.

Setting up a diet.

Diets are essential to proper diets. Cutting down on the calories will help lose weight,but during exercises you will need more calories to get energy. No caffeine or soda is a must. Make sure you keep carbs before your workout so you can build energy. CARBS= Energy

First exercise routine.

Minutes 0-10 Proper stretching is mandatory for no exercise pain or injures. Make sure you move from your head to your toes and stretch them accordingly. Take your arms for example, pull your arm across your chest and with a little pressure from the opposite arm stretch the arm.

Minutes 10-15 Running is a big for exercising. When you run you turn your heart on so that your body can eat your fat away. Metabolism is important because with a slow metabolism your weight loss slows. Make sure if you never ran before to run for a minute and walk with your hands above your head to help breathing.

Minutes 15-20 This will be the hardest past. If you have a bag fill it up with books. Curl the weights each time for 5 reps and switch arms. Do this for one minute. After the minute is done do up downs for one minute. After the minute is up do overhand claps. When that minutes is up do 2 minutes of sit ups, for the ending of your work out.

The workout that you have done will be the workout for the rest of the day . If you want to attempt, try to do the routine twice a day and make sure you do it farther enough away from bed or the endorphins will keep you awake.

Exercising While at work.

Staying fit can be done at work. There are many exercise routine that can be done at your deck. Please try to do these routines as much as you can.

Tighten you abs for five seconds at a time . This exercise will help you core abs tighten over time.

Exercise bands are amazing when working in a small location. Attaching the band to the lower foot will help to make any exercise band tighter and have more tension. Try doing a couple of reps each hour so we can burn the extra calories.

If you can try to lift your self while in your office chair. Lift up for more then two seconds and hold your self. Doing this exercise will help build stronger arms and also tighten your abs.

Biceps Curls

If you have never lifted a dumbbell before, you can start with 5 lbs, but you can probably handle more. Slowly lift your arms (or alternate between arms) into a curl position, and then lower back down, with control. Form is important with this exercise, and Bohn and Cotta mention, “women who have had multiple births have a change in their spine, so you get a sway in your back, and therefore your pelvis is no longer in neutral. So, if you return to normal stance position and your pelvis is in neutral, it will contract. Therefore, you are working both your arms and your pelvis.”