Exercise and Diet Plans

I am sure it is not news to you that weight loss is directly linked to exercise and diet. If your goal is to lose weight fast or you simply want to shed a few pounds and get into shape, you will need to get active as well as eating healthy food.

So What Exercise should I Do?

Well, much will depend upon the time you have available and are willing to make available, and upon your physical ability. If you are new to regular exercise then you would be well advised to begin slowly and steadily. Try to begin with exercises that you enjoy. Of course some people might think that having those two words in the same sentence just does not sound right. Well, that is not the way it has to stay. There are many options to get you up off the couch and shaking your booty without it being a miserable time.

Here are a few examples that hopefully will get you motivated and moving and help you to kick-start your weight loss campaign.                             jogging in parkCredit: courtesy of tuelekza at freedigitalphotos.net

Jogging is great for the cardiovascular system. It raises the heart rate and breathing, which is great for heart/lung health and for burning calories too. You need to raise your core temperature to burn off those unwanted pounds and aerobic exercise is the best way of doing this.

Of course, not everyone likes jogging and it is often a hard strain on the joints, particularly the knees and ankles. Fortunately these days there are some great exercise machines available which can combat these problems.

Elliptical trainers allow your body to go through similar motions to jogging but greatly reduce the stress on limbs and joints. So you are able to have a good aerobic workout and burn hundreds of calories but it will be easier on your body.

Cycling gives a great fat burning workout but, depending upon where in the country you live, could present problems and even dangers in regards to cycling in traffic and the hazards it can entail.

 Exercise bikes or cycling machines allow you to get a good workout and will raise your core temperature whilst in the safety of your home or local gymnasium

There is a whole range of exercise equipment that will help you to lose weight fast and if you decide to join the local gymnasium, then the instructor will be able to give you a good exercise routine that he can tailor to your body and your goals. He should also be able to offer diet plans for you to follow, he is there to help, encourage and guide you through the entire process.                                                swimmingCredit: courtesy of franky242 at freedigitalphotos.net

Swimming is excellent. It offers all round body exercise with no strain on limbs and joints and gives a great workout for everybody, regardless of size and weight. Of course your core temperature will not rise so high with swimming as with other aerobic exercises, but it is great for fitness and could supplement another activity.

Squash, badminton, racquetball and tennis all offer great opportunities to reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise...and have some fun too. The opportunity is there for you to perhaps team up with someone who may have similar weight loss aims. This will give you both the opportunity to support and encourage each other in your goals.

Strength training with weights is a great way to get results. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Every pound of muscle burns up to 500 calories per week in normal use. One pound of fat burns only 14 calories per week. So if you increase your muscle mass then your metabolism will increase and you will burn calories.dumbell liftCredit: courtesy of stockimages at freedigitalphotos.net

This does not mean that you have to become the next Schwarzenegger, but pushing weights will increase your muscle mass enough to lose weight. This is especially relevent in more mature people as muscle mass declines as we get older. Strength training with weights or body-weight training can combat this: push-ups, chin-ups, parallel-bar dips, squat thrusts, jumping-jacks etc. will all help you to build muscle.

Yoga is a marvellous discipline and yoga for weight loss really does work. Yoga is great for general health, calmness of the mind and gives great flexibility and suppleness to the spine. Yoga is not competitive and so whatever weight you are it will not affect your ability to do yoga. Everyone works to their own capabilities and you will soon begin to feel the benefits. There will be yoga classes near you, just check out your local press.

Dancing can work wonders for the waistline. Just put on your favourite music and dance around the living room for half an hour. Couldn't be simpler, right?

Make the time for exercise and movement. Try to use the car less often. Go for a walk in the evening instead of just vegging out in front of the tv all night. The same thing applies at weekends or when you are off work, be sure you are active and not just a couch potato for two days. Get a dog, it will need walking which will urge you to get active.

Stay away from escalators and elevators and use the stairs as much as possible.stacked saladCredit: courtesy of sergebertasiusphotography at freedigitalphotos.net

There are so many ways in which we can improve our overall exercise rates with just a little thought and adjustment of attitude. Exercise stimulates endorphins in the brain which makes us feel good...and happy.

Making exercise a regular part of your life and combining it with healthy food and healthy snacks will dramatically improve your chances of achieving the weight loss that you desire...and you will feel great too.

The old maxim of: 'A healthy body is a healthy mind' is, I believe, absolutely true.