Have you ever wanted to burn up a few calories while you work on the computer? Alternatively, you would love to ride your bike around the streets, but as the traffic in the city is so busy and there are no cycle paths in your area the risk of riding on the road scares you.  If you answered yes, then this article may interest you.

You no longer have to face the onslaught of the busy traffic. Instead, you can work those calories off in the comfort of your own home.  If you work all day on a computer, you can still do your workout by putting a fold up exerciser under your desk at the office and peddle to your heart’s content.  They are quiet enough so they will not disrupt other office workers.  

You could take this fold up exerciser to the park if you want to exercise in the fresh air or out in the back garden.  These are great to exercise both your legs and arms.  When exercising the arms place a non-slip mat on the table to prevent the exerciser from slipping. You can also do the same if you have a wooden floor under the desk to prevent it from slipping.

I have chosen three different models to share with you.  The first one in my opinion is great value for the price. So much so that I tried to buy one myself, although they do not deliver to Australia, and to buy the same one here it would cost me about $100 - $250. 

Healthy Exercise: For you and the DogCredit: TPhotos

Remember that your dog still loves going to the beach and needs his exercise too

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display

This exerciser will take up very little space in your home or car as it folds up and is sturdy yet light enough to take anywhere. When used correctly it should encourage more mobility by increasing the circulation in your legs. At the same time, it will strengthen and increase the muscles in your arms.

It comes with an electronic scanner that monitors the amount of calories you burn as you work out. It also shows you how long you have exercised, so in future you can time your workouts.

If you have a problem with arthritis then this little beauty can help to exercise those creaky knees and hips and keep them moving. It also comes with a tension control that you adjust to suit your capabilities.

Available in Black.

Product Dimensions15 x 6.5 x 17 inches

Weighs: 5 pounds 

Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display , Black Model # RTL10273
Amazon Price: $67.47 $25.43 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 7, 2016)
This is brilliant because it is strong and folds up small enough to put in your car and take to work. Then the boss will not even notice that you are working out on this peddler while you are being paid to do his work.

Or if you prefer you can watch TV as you burn off those excess calories.

BEAUTYKO Total Body Folding Mini Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a way to exercise the same as a bike without that heavy, cumbersome exercise machine in your home then this may suit you. It will give you the same workout as riding a bike with the 360 degree rotating hand grip.

This is sturdy yet small enough to fold and hide away in the cupboard. Easy to set up and dismantle and take away on holidays without taking up much room. It will have you increasing your muscle strength in both your arms and legs in no time. Burn off those calories while you read a book or watch TV.

The step less tension control mechanism allows you to adjust it to suit your personal height and level of resistance.

This particular model does not come with an electronic screen for recording your workout.

Weighs 9.2 lbs

BEAUTYKO Total Body Folding Mini Exercise Bike
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Nov 7, 2016)
This is a unique exerciser with the feel of a bike without the bulk of the wheels. Light and easy to fold and take it anywhere with you on holidays or use in the comfort of your home.

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle

This is exactly what the name says, a mini cycle without the big wheels, yet small and sturdy enough to give you a good work out.  You can use this Fitness Mini Cycle under the desk or while you watch TV to strengthen your legs.

If you would like to build up the upper arm muscles, then place it on the table and peddle with your hands. This will also give you a cardiovascular workout at the same time as you burn off those extra calories. With a twist of the dial, you can turn up the resistance to make you work harder.

Its LCD screen shows the calories, time, reps and distance so you will know how long and hard you have worked.

Dimensions : 15.75 L x 14.5 W x 13 H inches. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle
Amazon Price: $89.00 $54.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 7, 2016)
This one is a little more expensive although you can still work off those calories while you earn money at the office.

Has a screen which tells you how many calories you have burned off.

Choose one that suits you best

Burn calories walking on the beach

If you would rather not outlay any money then go for walks on the beach and collect shells or driftwood and make crafts from these.  You will not only burn calories you can create a new hobby making gifts for your friends that will not cost you much at all.

Conclusion:  You need to consider which one would suit your particular situation.  When you look at the cost of these three, I do not think you could go wrong with any of them.  They are all very affordable so you be the judge. 

As a back up I would always look to the written reviews or word of mouth by people who have bought these.  Although you still need to weigh the pros and cons of which would suit you personally.