All over the world there is a horrible terror that rules women and causes worry without uttering a single word: cellulite. Many woman fear cellulite and become familiar with it at various points in their life. In the end, many of them throw in the towel and let lumpy thighs and biscuits take over their lives without a single thought.

Covering it up isn't a solution – it's actually a problem. While there are several effective creams and slightly more effective medical solutions, cellulite still strikes fear into women everywhere.

The truth behind all of these methods is that they won't continue to help you unless you continue to use them.

Quick laser treatments, sometimes slimy creams and even worse mummy-like wrappings aren't going to give you a long-lasting effect and cellulite will always come back around.

The truth is that the cause of cellulite is within your skin and muscles. Over time your skin stretches and settles into places where muscle is scarce or simply no longer exists.

The elasticity in your skin creates dimples and divots that most people view as unattractive. This is condition isn't sex-selective; it can be found in men as well.

However, the most concerned party tends to be women and that's how most major companies make their money.

There is, however, one free solution to eliminating or minimizing cellulite and its appearance on your body: exercise for cellulite.

Yes, I said it. Exercise is like the miracle drug that cures most anything – obesity, depression, sleepiness, you name it and exercise can be found somewhere in the books that list your problem's solutions.

The most effective exercise for cellulite that is effective in combating cellulite efficiently is working with weights. Leg presses, leg lifts and yoga can all help minimize the effects and appearance of cellulite in your legs.

You will be surprised to know that leg presses are exceptionally easy for the majority of people and promotes healthy circulation in your legs. Know what else can help in the circulation and blood flow department? Walking.

Exercise programs for ridding yourself of cellulite don't need to be complicated in order for them to work. Incorporating exercises that are area-intensive or focused on your problem area are most effective.

Professionals are plentiful sources for advice on what types of exercise are right for your Iight and body type.

Aside from weights, you might be more concerned with your rear view and that is easily answered as well: squats.

Squats are an intensive exercise that many people hate, but they will give you that muscle burn that everyone loves; the burn that tells you that you must have done something right.

The key to squats is to squeeze your rear as you come up. It sounds silly and is probably creating a fabulous mental image right now, but there is no need to be embarrassed because you'll be the one with the fabulous backside at the beach, won't you?

One thing you should always remember is that certain exercises for cellulite are more advanced and you should never bite off more than you can chew. Always remember to stay hydrated when you're working out and if you need a break, take one.