One of the leading and increasing problems in most countries today is unemployment. As a result, the unemployed individuals become depressed for being declined by companies; and when depression strikes, the television shows are there to make you forget about it and the sofa together with junk foods to comfort those feelings. At least these are the new breeds of couch potatoes I have encountered.

One of the effects in this so called sedentary lifestyle is obesity; since there are no physical activity involved in being couch potato that makes you fit and healthy. So I bet if you are reading this and you are a couch potato, you have weight problems. However, even couch potatoes can lose weight simply by watching television. And with that in mind, this article will help you still enjoy the things you do most of the time and lose weight too in the process. You have come to the right page because believe it or not this article will help you.

Here are the different exercises that will help you lose weight:

  1. Fidgeting- it may be annoying or distracting to some, but fidgeting is a quick motion that makes you burn 350 calories a day. Doing this while watching television won't bother you much!
  2. Squat- Do squat exercises while watching your favorite show. It may increase your heart rate but at least you can lose 9 calories in 3 minutes.
  3. Spot jogging- it is when you do jogging at the same spot. This will keep you watch television and do exercise at the same time. Do this for 30 minutes and you will reduce 133 calories from your body.
  4. Leg lift- The legs should be lifted up and down like a vertical leg crunch except you don't have to push your torso or head up. When you put down your legs, it should not bend and that it must be at least half an inch above the floor.
  5. Dancing- this is perfect especially while you are watching music videos. Dance to the beat of your favorite music for half an hour and you will burn 130 to 150 calories.
  6. Jump- either you have jumping rope or not at all, this is a good way to shake off calories big time.
  7. Weight lift- you can do this while sitting. Just pick up a dumbbell or small heavy item and lift up and down to the floor. This will help tone up your muscles.
  8. Sit ups- during the show or commercial make sit-up exercise for 10 times and do grunting as you push your torso up. This will help you lose those belly fats for sitting everyday.
  9. In place lunges- this will be beneficial to your hips, gluteus, and thighs.
  10. Kick and punch- it is just similar with tae bo exercises. All you have to do is kick high on each leg and punch in front and on your sides.

After you have read this page, remember that these simple exercises are for you to take in control of. That control I am talking about is for you to initiate the change for yourself and skip the procrastination. Exercise regularly while watching your favorite show and soon you'll see the change in you physically and mentally.