Recently I was given ankle/wrist weights and a Shake weight. I am not sure about you but I mean to exercise, I really, really do. However, I do not make the time to go to the gym, run, rollerblade or bicycle ... well, at least not as much as I should. I also take the stairs to my 6th floor office ... for the first two weeks of the year. I really need exercise on the go.

The ankle and wrist weights were bought to accompany "the Wave" workout video. However, I found they are also useful just to use when walking around the house. Another good workout is applying the weights when working outside, climbing stairs, even if it is climbing repetitive stairs to put away laundry in the children's rooms. It is not a lot, but I can already feel my legs just a tad bit more toned after several days of use.

I am very interested in my new Shake weight. Of course the video was probably thrown away with the recycling, but there is enough information on the internet to obtain a good workout. At first I thought there was no way this would work. However, my arms were in pain after the first workout. The motions are simple and can be used when walking around the house. I also take my weight with me and do some of the exercises at red lights, in the elevator, during "mental breaks" at work. I am able to do the shoulder workout in the car while waiting for a practice to end or when I am walking around the house. Of course I still need to figure out how to get my cardiovascular and abdominal exercise in, but toning the arms and lower legs has been rather simple. Although children are not supposed to work with weights, I am allowing my 11 year old daughter to use this for upper body strengthening.

Add a little music in for some pep to your toning. For many when their mind is not focused on the clock the repetitions go by faster and extras reps may be added without their knowledge. Use whatever works best for you, probably something upbeat and energetic. Happy toning!