Perhaps few of us understand the fact that living under constant stress can cause serious health problems.
Stress affects almost all the vital organs and systems of the body - raises blood pressure, increases risk of heart attack, weakens immune system, disrupts digestive system, leads to anxiety and depression, to name a few.

While labeling stress as our unseen enemy, we must strengthen our defenses to fight it. When we study as how to get relief from stress we can find different means but here we shall highlight one of the best methods of getting relief from stress - the exercise.
Our current lifestyle has become so hectic that stress is inseparable.
As we have to live with stress, we must adopt the convenient way that can give us relief and keep the stress level under control. Regular exercise can very effectively keep our stress under acceptable limits and the outcome will be a healthier body and mind.
In fact, exercise is one of the most effective ways of relieving stress and improving our mental and physical health. Exercise stimulates various brain chemicals which in turn relaxes our brain.

Getting relief from stress through exercise gives us double benefits.
While giving us relief from stress the benefits of exercise on the whole body are enormous.
Exercise can keep our body fit both physically and mentally. You may take example of physically fit individuals who can handle stressful situations in a better way.
Stress relief could be achieved through different physical activities like gentle stretching, aerobic, strengthening exercises, etc. To benefit fully, the exercise program must be a fun, not a burden. You do not necessarily have to embark on strenuous exercise workouts since, for stress management, every little bit of exercise counts be it simply the routine walk. The ancient body and mental tune-up asana of Yoga can also be highly beneficial in stress relief management provided you have the opportunity to learn it. Gentle Yoga techniques can also be regarded as physical and mental form of exercise.

Since exercise keeps you fit and healthy, you will be in a better position to handle and absorb the routine stress. As exercise can decrease stress hormones and increase endorphins, it works as natural mood elevator which gives you relief from stress.
Practicing the high-energy form of exercises, as you see in weight training, martial arts and boxing, can help you release negative stress forming emotions resulting in relief from stress.
Don't take walking exercise lightly. Walking in fresh air in a park or in a rich vegetation area can certainly improve cardiovascular and other systems of the body, giving instant relief from stress.
In short, lot of studies have been conducted which unanimously come to the conclusion that exercise very effectively benefit you in getting the relief from stress. Before embarking on any exercise program, even as simple as walking, consult your doctor first and then under proper guidance start the exercise program that suits you more. Soon you will be rewarded with the desired relief from stress.