Choosing the Right Exercises

It's simple, there are some exercises that work, while others do not. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of sites out there that offer inconsistent information about what exercises work the best. First of all, it is important to keep it simple, don't fall for the infomercials marketing ridiculous workout equipment that "confuse your muscles" or target your muscle in obscure or bizar ways. When it comes to working out, simple is more effective. 

My Favourite Exercises

The Bench Press

The bench press is an exercise that works, simply put. The bench press works many of the major muscle groups of the upper body, all in one easy lift. It targets primarily the large chest muscles, while also targeting the front aspect of the shoulders and the triceps on the back of the arms. If you are looking to add size, looking to tone down, or looking to develop power and strength the bench press must be a staple in your workout plan

The Bent-Over Row

My next recommended exercises that really works is the bent-over row. The bent-over row will help add size and strength to the large muscles of the back, while also effectively working the biceps. Dont waste your time with gimmicky machines to develop massive biceps in 2 weeks, and stick with the bent-over row, as it is tone of the top 5 most effective exercise because it really works. 


The deadift recruits muscle fibres from almost every part of the body and is arguably the most effective exercise that works all the muscle groups of the legs, while also working the upper back and stability muscles throughout the body. Incorporate this movement into your full-body or leg workouts to really see results in both physique and strength. 

The Squat

Next to the deadlift, the squat is the second most effective exercise that works the legs as well as stability muscles throughout the whole body. It is a movement that requires coordination, power, strength as well as some muscular endurance. The squat should always be used whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance, or an individual looking to shed a few pounds. 


The chin-ups works extremely well for a few reasons. They require very little equipment, simply a chin=up bar, or any horizontal bar really, and your body. Simply grasp the bar with and underhand grip at shoulder width apart and pull yourself upwards to a point where your chin is above the bar. Chin-ups are an exercise that works the large back muscles and will also help develop the biceps. 


The exercises listed above are exercises that work. These exercise should be regularly incorporated into your workouts and you will begin to see gains in both strength and physique before you know it. Remember that these simple exercises are far more effective than any gimmick you will see on any infomercial. Whether you are into bodybuilding or powerlifting or weight loss, the movements listed above are exercises that really work.