Trying to get fit with an office job?  Have you ever tried exercises you can do at your desk?  If your job has you chained to a desk and computer, then getting in a good workout can be hard.  Maybe you head out to the gym after work, but wouldn’t it be nice to fit in some exercise at your desk and during your work day?

Exercise gets the blood flowing, and many people don’t realize, that if you are stuck on a problem, that you have been working on for a while at your desk, that just a quick walk or simply moving will get the blood flowing and the same with ideas.

Our brains notice when we don’t move!  Sometimes, you don’t realize just how long you have been at your desk, until you go to get up and everything is numb and you feel stiff and tired.  So, maybe it is time to incorporate exercises you can do at your desk, to help keep your body toned and that brain working at its best.

Before you start visioning employees jogging the halls at work, there are some easy ways to fit in exercise at your desk that will help with that fatigue and stretch your muscles and bring you back to life.

Stretching – This one is a no brainer, many people will stretch their arms up while sitting at their desk, but make the effort at least once every half hour, to stand up and fully stretch your arms up tall, and then try to touch your toes, or go as far as you can to feel a gentle stretch.

Wall Push Ups – Pick a strong wall (not those office partitions!) and put your hands flat on the wall and proceed to do push ups against the wall, and then stretch your arms afterwards, and take a quick walk, get some water and then back to your desk.

Walk – At least every hour, get up, stretch and then depending on the size of your workplace, take a brisk walk for 3 to 5 minutes.  Head to a washroom on another floor, get a drink, deliver a message to a co-worker in person rather than emails, or if possible get outside on your lunch break and walk around the block briskly.  You will be surprised at how this wakes you up and gives you more brain power and actually get more work done.

Chair Abs – If you find you tend to slouch at your desk or computer, do these exercises whenever you can.  Sit up straight in your chair, and hold onto the sides of the seat, and then with your legs and feet together, gently life your feet off the floor by about an inch, and hold this position as long as you can.  You should feel this exercise in your abs. Do this whenever you can, even for a few seconds, this will help to keep your core stronger.

Set an Alarm – Set a soft alarm on your computer, to do some of the abexercises you can do at your deskove exercises, even if it is a quick walk and some water.  Sometimes you can get so engrossed in your project that you basically don’t move for hours, thinking only an hour has gone by when in fact loads of time has been spent sitting in one spot on the chair.  This is not good for your circulation or your brain power.  So, take a break and actually get more work done as you get these little refresher breaks.  Don’t forget to drink lots of water as well.  This keeps everything moving and will force you to use the washroom more often, which of course gets you out of that chair!

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Desk Exercise Equipment – You can get portable pieces of exercise equipment that can fit under your desk that you can do at work or at home.  Such products as under desk peddlers as pictured.

You can use this under your desk or you can also put it on your desk and use for a quick arm workout.  At just over 12 inches high, they will fit under most desks and are another great way to add exercise at your desk.

Studies have shown that mini workouts throughout the day are just as effective as one long workout, so if you can imagine doing something for 5 minutes each hour, then in an 8 hour day, you will have already fit 40 minutes of exercise in your day.  That is not bad for someone chained to a desk for their job.

Add some more at home, such as walking the dog or playing with the kids, and you are on your way to staying fit even with an office desk job.

So, get creative, there are exercises you can do at your desk that are not too disruptive and will actually help you through your day.  Also see Desk Treadmill for more creative equipment you can use at your desk to stay fit.