Women's exercises to lose weight

Exercises for a healthier you

A woman's health is fragile when not taken care of. It is essential for women to do the right kinds of exercises to strengthen their health and over-all well being. Some of the body-strengthening routines that they should do are exercises for lower abs. These exercises will help women to have strong abdominal muscles in order for them to have better posture, reduce those unnecessary stomach bulges and reduce recurring back strains.

There are many abdominal exercises for women, but these exercises do not specifically target the lower abs. To effectively develop the lower abs muscle group, it is essential to combine one type of lower abdominal exercise with other exercise methods to work out the lower abs optimally. It is not required to have expensive exercise equipments to work out the abdominal muscles, because some exercises for a woman's lower abs are simple and easy to do at the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of these most effective abdominal exercises:

Effective Beginners' Lower Abs Exercises

Lying Leg Raises – You should lie down on a flat bench or any clean and dry elevated surface. Raise both of your arms above your head, and hold the edges of the bench or anything which will let you hold for stability. Bend your legs slightly at the knee, and slowly raising them up to a vertical position. Pause for several seconds. By then you should feel the tension on your lower abdominal muscles. Slightly lower your legs but don't let them touch the ground to maintain the tension on your stomach muscles. Repeat this process based on the number of repetitions you've set. Change the intensity of the exercise as often as you like.

Reverse Crunch – A flat bench is required for this exercise. Lie with your back on the surface of the bench. Raise your arms above your head and hold the edge of the bench for stability. Bend your knees and slightly upwards, they should be locked in this position for the entire duration of the exercises. Lift your hips while contracting your stomach muscles until your knees are in contact with your chest. Pause for about three seconds, and slowly lower your hips until they touch the surface of the bench. Repeat the process for as often as you like, varying the intensity for each set.

Advanced Exercise for Lower Abs

Leg Lifts – You are going to need a stable pull-up bar for this exercise. The leg lift exercise is one of the most effective lower abs exercises for women. Position the bar high enough for you to hang on it. With fully extended arms, hang from the pull-up bar without touching the ground. Ready? With the use of your abdominal muscles, raise one or both of your legs upwards until they are positioned horizontally in the air. Do these processes for as many times as you like.

Some Things to Consider When Doing Exercises for Lower Abs

1) Do not over-strain your abdominal muscles. You should be relaxed when you are doing the exercises.

2) Tighten your abdominal muscles when doing each repetition to get the maximum benefits of the exercises.

3) Align your head, neck, shoulder and spine to prevent lower back strains and some parts of the body.