Mini trampolines make working out fun. They're great for fitness fans at any level. They supply all the benefits of an intense plyometric workout minus the strenuous impact on joints which can occur with regular jumping. Before you start with a regular mini trampoline exercise regimen, we suggest practicing some of these basic moves first to become accustomed to working out with the equipment and reduce hazards. After you get the hang of these moves, come back to Mini Trampoline Headquarters for more trampoline workouts!

First you must master stepping off and on of the mini trampoline. If you cannot manage the mount and dismount, none of the rest matters! Use caution to ensure that when you step on the trampoline, you put one foot in the center then slant your body weight slowly onto that foot until you can lift your other foot up with it. When you're ready to step off, it is best to step off to the rear with one foot. Make sure to look first before you take the step.

After you are at ease with stepping on and off, you can turn it into a fitness move, much like step aerobics. Basically you just step onto the trampoline with your left foot, bring your left foot up with it. After that step back to the floor with your opposite foot and bring your other foot down with it. After that repeat with you opposite foot. Go on with this at a slow pace the speed up as you are able to get a wonderful cardiovascular workout!

Another key move to get down is bouncing up and down on the mini trampoline. To do this correctly while also not causing harm make sure to keep yourself centered on the trampoline.

Start by centering yourself on the trampoline with your feet held together. Begin with short bounces in which your feet don't stop touching the trampoline. Continuing to bounce push yourself with more force until your feet leave the surface, but take care not to go too high and take note of where the ceiling is so you don't hit your head. Do not bounce more than an inch or two off the mini trampoline because that is all that is necessary to get the results needed.

Another great move to include in your mini trampoline workouts is walking, jogging, or running in place. This is a great exercise for cardio that limits the impact to your joints. First, begin by standing in the center of the mini trampoline. Then, lift one foot at a time in a marching movement. The more you lift your foot, the more of a exercise you'll receive. You can then increase your pace to a a jog or run if you feel up to it.

Mini trampolines are astonishingly good for moving your yoga workout to the next level. To begin, try balancing on one foot, with your other foot just raised slightly. Try to see how long you can hold this position. Try extending your other leg behind you, to the side, and in front of you. Once you have mastered that, you can then attempt some popular standing poses like the chair pose or the tree pose. Doing these on your trampoline will improve your balance since you'll be doing them on an unstable surface.

After you conquer these basic workouts you'll be ready to try out more advanced mini trampoline fitness routines.