Exercising boosts your strength, and exercising your brain improves memory. But can physical exercise actually increase your memory too? As it happens you will find both physical and mental exercises you can be performed to improve the performance of your memory and keep your mind in top condition. Let’s examine a few physical workouts as well as a few mental tips and tricks to give your memory the boost it needs.


Any workout that gets your blood going is ideal for increasing blood flow to your brain and thus boosting your memory. However there are a number of physical exercises that you can do to have your mind working harder.

Exercises involving balance promotes the memory by requiring your brain to work to support the body. Your mind becomes a direct route for each limb. Types of workouts such as this would consist of using a balance ball, a balance table, or for the ultimate daredevil, slacklining.

Whenever you take in large amounts of oxygen, your blood circulation to the brain becomes more efficient. Long-distance sports, like running or swimming, push the body to take in a lot more oxygen. When this oxygen reaches your brain, it is just like increasing the power to a lightbulb. With this oxygen, your mind can function much better and actually store more details.

Although it may not be as much of a physical workout as it would be mental arousal, performing physical motions in a diverse way will actually improve your memory. Try batting or golfing on your less-agile side, or varying your grip while playing ping-pong. This challenge keeps your brain from becoming complacent by forcing you to use your faculties in uncommon approaches. You could also try showering, getting dressed, or making a bowl of cereal while keeping your eyes closed.


Chunking is a technique some people use to work on memory storage. Chunking makes use of short-term memory to recall a specific group of numbers or ideas. For an adult, the usual memory range is about seven items of data (no coincidence that this is the length of the standard telephone number!). When that number is hit, any brand new data simply takes the place of some of the old. The thing is, who knows which old piece the newest data replaced.

Making use of nonsense is another way to help you enhance your memory. By comprising sentences or silly mnemonics to go together with some information, your mind will remember in accordance with the simple fact it was nonsense. Some people utilize this method to remember instructions or a series of events, and might be useful for your thoughts and ideas.

Whether you're doing physical exercise, or working a crossword puzzle, you are able to enjoy the advantages if you're persistent. Just like any good muscle, the harder the brain is exercised, the stronger it'll grow to be.