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Exercises to Look Good Naked

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Are you tired of changing in the dark because you are shy to show your husband your post-pregnancy body? These exercises, designed to define and tone your most problematic areas, will get rid of baby lumps and bumps. All you need is 30 minutes daily to win back your body!

For perky breasts after breast-feeding and toned arms:

Wall push ups

For a great arm and breast toning exercise, try the wall push-up. This is an easy yet very effective exercise designed to work the pectoral muscles behind your chest and will work to firm sagging muscles. It also utilizes all the muscles in your arms, from the biceps to the triceps, as you push your body weight against the wall.

1 - Find a wall and stand at arm's length with feet hip distance apart. Place your hands in front of your shoulders.

2 - Slowly bend your elbows as you bring your body closer to the wall then slowly straighten out your arms.

Do 6x to start, 3 reps. Slowly working up to 15x, 2 reps.
Wall Pushups Example

Plank (intermediate)

The plank is a well-known exercise in both Pilates and yoga. It is one of the most popular exercises for developing core strength and stability as well as the arms, bottom and legs. It is a full body challenge, so please ensure that you read the instructions properly and build up your upper body strength with wall push-ups first before attempting it. You will know that you're doing the plank well when you have good form, feel your centre working and have good shoulder stabilization without being rigid.

1 - Begin on your knees and walk your hands out on the floor, allowing your legs to stretch out behind you.

2 - Place hands under your shoulders, keep your body level and your feet hip distance apart. Draw your belly button towards your spine and don't stick your bottom up in the air.
Hold for 5 counts to start, slowly working yourself to 10 then 15 counts.

Plank Exercise Example

For a flat tummy:

A critical component for restoring your abs and the development of core strength is learning to control the shape of your abdominal wall during exercise. To do this, you need to train your abs to pull back in toward your spine during exertion. The quickest and safest way to develop a flat abdominal wall after pregnancy is to perform special postpartum exercises that specifically develop this essential skill.

Do this special postpartum exercise designed to strengthen your Transverse Abdominis :

- First, stand up tall, then think about drawing your belly button towards your spine.
- You are not sucking in your breath, you are using your abs to do this. Once your belly button is drawn in, it automatically activates your Transverse Abdominis muscle.
- Try to keep your belly button in as you breathe normally. Practice a few times until it becomes comfortable. Do this whenever you are exercising and you will be working your Transverse Abdominis and strengthening yourself from the inside out for a flatter tummy faster!

Roll ups

This is like a sit-up except that it is gentle on your back and works more effectively as there is no pressure on your legs and you are working your abs 100% when you get up. It is a great post pregnancy exercise to do.

1 - Lie on floor with feet hip distance apart and arms straight up towards the wall.

2 - Take a deep breath and exhale as you "peel" your back off the floor, stretching your arms towards your feet.
Do 10x.

Roll Up Exercise Example


This is a great exercise post pregnancy that works your sides, giving you a smaller waist and works to give you sexy muscle definition on the sides of your tummy.

1 - Lie down and bring knees 90 degrees to your tummy and support your head up with your hands.

2 - Take a deep breath and exhale as you point your opposite elbow to your opposite knee and vice versa, making sure to keep your lower back against the floor.
Do 6x, working your way up to 10x slowly.

Side Twists Exercise Example

For nice, firm bottoms:


This exercise utilizes the abdominals for stability and is mostly a lower body exercise. Initiate the squat from your hips by sitting back and down, keeping the weight on your heels as opposed to the balls of your feet. Squat down to a position where your thighs are approximately parallel to the ground, then press back up to starting position. Keeping your weight more towards your heels is the key factor to protect your knees from injury and develop strong injury-resistent knee joints.

1 - Standing with feet hip distance apart and hands on hips or straight for balance.

2 - Slowly lower yourself until thighs are parallel to floor then slowly stand upright.
Do 6x to start, 3 reps. Slowly working up to 15x, 3 reps.

Squats Exercise Example


The benefits of lunges, when done correctly, include well-defined thighs and a bottom that will defy gravity! It also works your abs as you keep your balance while performing your lunges. Always stand upright with chest out and head up. When you lunges forward, you want to stay tight with your abs firmly drawn in. You should feel a stretch in your bottom and front thigh and try not to take too big steps such that you are one-step away from splitting your pants.

1 - Standing with feet hip distance apart and hands on hips.

2 - Take a big step forward, bending the front knee and lowering the back knee towards the floor, keeping front heel down and knee directly over the center of the foot.
Do 6x to start, 3 reps. Slowly working up to 15x, 3 reps.

Lunges Exercise Example

For sexy, defined legs:

This is my self-designed Pilates routine to stretch every muscle in your legs - from the toes to your hamstrings. It is an easy to do workout regime that will tighten your bottom, work on your thighs and calves as well as define your waist.

Single leg stretch

1 - Lie on your side in a straight line with legs on top of each other and hand in front of chest for balance. Keep abs and bottom tight. Raise top leg until it is in line with your hips.

2 - Then bring bottom leg up to touch top leg
Do 6x
Single Leg Stretch Example

Double leg stretch

1 - Lie on your side in a straight line with legs on top of each other and hand in front of chest for balance. Keep abs and bottom tight.

2 - Raise both legs until they are in line with your hips.
Do 6x
Double Leg Stretch

Leg scissors

1 - Lie on your side in a straight line with legs on top of each other and hand in front of chest for balance. Keep abs and bottom tight.

2 - Scissor legs slowly from front to back.
Do 6x
Leg Scissors Exercise Example


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Body pump is actually a very good exercise; I never wanted to take a class because I thought it was only for women; but it is actually a very tough class and I have noticed results just after 3 weeks.
Aug 29, 2011 9:41pm
Absolutely great exercises. Want a killer to help out with that perfect posterior? Kettle bell swings. Hits all the areas you want to get worked out and you will definitely be sore the next few days. Author and Life Hacker Tim Ferriss explains these flawlessly. YouTube him.
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fantastic! saw the title and just HAD to click lol.
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