Exercise and Fitness for Health

How to achieve a comfortable life-style

There seems to be a correlation between fitness,health and exercise.It is true,that leading an active life-style is beneficial for a healthy immune system and also goes a long way to improve oxygen and blood flow to the brain, thereby lowering the blood pressure,prevents cardiovascular diseases such as obesity,and puts in check depression ,therefore not only enhancing ,but also improving the quality of life.

Types of exercise

Be sure to remain healthy and fit through a favourable ,continuous exersice regimen.Warm up before and cooldown after a rigorous training session to reduce the risk of injury.There are three types of physical exercises: Aerobic exercises like walking,running and swimming. Anaerobic exercises that include those that improve muscular functions and induce strength training like weight lifting.Finally Flexibility exercises, that strengthens joints and muscles, like stretching.

Exercise as a hobby

Exercise need not be a boring routine.It should be viewed as a safe, befitting way of getting rid of health complications.It need not be strenuous either.Choose one that you can comfortably fit into your busy schedule and that you obviously enjoy.It actually needs to be regarded as a hobby.


It is especially beneficial to the middle-aged in the long term, as it enhances cognitive  function.Physical activity increases the brain’s functionality,boosts your self -esteem through eliminating your weight problems and at the same time getting rid of insomnia,in case you have trouble sleeping.Avoid the dangerous side effects of the sleeping pill by adopting a daily routine of physical fitness and relaxation that is safe and you won’t even have to pay a cent !!


If you are hard – pressed for time and feel like your everyday life is taking up all your available space,incorporate your physical activities into your daily routine. For instance,you can take the staircase instead of the elevator.If your destination is a few blocks away and you have a few minutes to spare,drop the car keys and take a walk. Include a generous serving of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet and be sure to eat at timely intervals,as this is as important as physical training.A good ,balanced diet also goes a long way to ensure the body is well nourished.Improve your quality of life by making this a part of your routine. Favourite and preferred hours for physical activity is before meals,a few hours before bedtime,early in the morning and late evening to effectively maximize the benefits of the wonder drug ,that is  physical exercise.