Right after childbirth a womMother Exercisingan is not just getting to know her precious child, she is getting to know her surprising new body as well.

Getting rid off baby weight right after a pregnancy is difficult even without having to arrange for babysitter. Luckily, it is not very difficult to workout with the little rascal. It is possible for a new mother to tone and shape the body back into something that resembles what she used to look like without leaving her precious one behind. Working out with the newborn child will make getting back in shape much more interesting and will take the feeling of guilt associated with leaving the newborn away.

Furthermore, it has the extra bonus of giving a mother a lot of quality time with her child.
Walking with the child is a good workout and it a fine, not high-impact workout to improve the activity level. Walking improves the strength as well as flexibility and burns calories. This is particularly important in case a mother has spent any time on bed rest and basically needs to rebuild muscles. If the child is young it is possible to use an infant carrier. This will keep the child close and also add some weight to the routine. While the child grows a mother will switch to a baby stroller.

Jogging umbrella stroller is both lightweight and fast - really a good piece of workout equipment for mothers. It is important to walk upright and avoid leaning on the stroller. Furthermore, it is best to keep a brisk pace in order to keep the heart rate up. Walking continuously for one hour per day is a great workout program. It is possible to change the routine by taking different routes and by including some that have inclines in order to make the exercise slightly harder. Every mother should know this – it is important to workout slightly harder than comfortable.

Pilates ball is versatile and may be used often. Muscles can be strengthen by sitting on the Pilates ball while holding the child and bouncing up and down. The little rascal will like the movement as well as the close physical contact.

Weight-lifting doesn't have to mean a trip to the local gym. The child is the ideal small weight and will grow as mother's muscles strengthen. Chances are the child will be laughing at the funny faces a mother makes as she tries and strengthen her muscles. On the other hand, at least she knows they think that their mom is very funny.