If you are wanting to keep the skin on your body looking smooth its vital that you remove the dean skin cells by scrubbing them away gently with a body exfoliator scrub. You can even make your own by adding a tablespoon of olive oil with an handful of epsom salts. Apply to wet skin and quickly wash away those dead flaky skin cells which is going to leave your body feeling soft and polished. Another fantastic homemade scrub is grated avocado stone added to cream, yogurt or avocado flesh.

If you have got dry skin on your lips a good way to repair this is by applying a little bit of lip balm onto your lips. Then brush your lips gently with a toothbrush to help stimulate circulation and remove all the dead skin cells from around your lips. The lip balm that you added will add moisture to the deeper skin levels as you rub it well into your skin with the tooth brush.

If you are exfoliating your skin and you are getting a tingling feeling after you exfoliate. It probably means that you are using too harsh of a product or you a rubbing too hard on the skin. Start exfoliating a little gentler and try changing the product to one which is more gentle on the skin. Never overdo it, a good skincare routine should contain about one exfoliating wash each week, any more than this and you are probably overdoing it. If after exfoliating your skin looks red and blotchy its highly likely that you are overdoing it and need to be a bit more gentle on your skin.

Another good natural skin exfoliator is salt, the sharp grains of salt will help in gently removing the unwanted dead skin from your body. A good tip as well is after you have exfoliated your skin, it is going to be more prone to the suns harmful rays. So always make sure that you apply a good sunscreen to your skin immediately after you have finished exfoliating.