Beautiful Healthy Skin Treatments Beautiful skin does not have to be a time consuming or challenging task to achieve. With simple homemade natural exfoliating body scrubs such as the ones featured below (see bottom of article for even more natural beauty and exfoliating recipes) you can get back that youthful healthy glow that your skin deserves. Here you will find a simple beauty recipe for a body exfoliator that you can use once a week to achieve that radiant smooth look.


What you will need to make these Exfoliating Body Scrubs:

2 Tsp. Dried Peppermint

2 Tsp. Dried Spearmint

1 small (single Serve) container of Live Yogurt – Plain

1 Cup Ground Brown Rice (should be abrasive and not powdery)


In a clean glass bowl mix together your dried mint and yogurt until well blended. Place this in the refrigerator and allow to chill and set for 24 hours.


After refrigeration; mix in your 1 cup of ground brown rice into your yogurt body exfoliator mixture.


To Use your Exfoliating Body Scrubs:

Using your fingers massage this body exfoliator all over any area of your body that you wish to exfoliate – avoiding the sensitive eye area. This is great to use on your face, legs, back, chest or anywhere where you would like to slough away dirt, dead skin, clogged pores, or any other debris that may get left behind on your skin.


Beauty Tips:

When rinsing off after using a cleanser, exfoliation treatment or any other beauty regimen that is aimed at cleaning or clearing up your skin and that also calls for rinsing – use warm water to rinse but ALWAYS follow up with a splash or two of cold water. This will help to shrink and close pores therefore limiting the chances of them becoming clogged with dirt, debris and pollution which is the cause of a large majority of problematic skin issues and blemishes.



You may notice with a lot of skin treatments and exfoliation that your skin can become slightly reddened this can be normal and/or caused by excessive or harsh scrubbing (which should be avoided for the sake of sensitive skin). However, as with any products whether they are natural, organic or other – always discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions to any of the ingredients or if skin irritation and redness persists or gets worse.  If this should occur contact you medical health professional for treatment of allergic reaction or any other serious adverse reaction to the products you are using. 



It is normal for most body exfoliators to leave behind a slight redness that should go away in no time at all. This is due to the fact that exfoliating body scrubs are slightly abrasive which they have to be in order to work which may cause slight – temporary skin irritation or redness.


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