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Exfoliating mitts gloves and cloths have something in common and that is they not only cleanse the face but get is as clean as possible. Normal every day wash cloths many times do not get all makeup and residue off the face as needed. It may look as though they do, however, if you use a regular wash cloth and feel facial skin and then use an exfoliating cloth and feel the skin you will feel a distinct difference between the two. When using an exfoliating mitts gloves and cloths skin will feel softer and smoother. Why is this? The main reason is the complete removal of dead skin cells and residue. This is why so many women seek out different methods of facial exfoliation.

The best part about exfoliating the face is that you will be able to see and feel immediate results and this holds true with all methods of exfoliation as long as you don't overdo it in the process.  When you scrub the face too hard or long or use facial exfoliating productsthat are too harsh for your skin type then you may irritate the skin.  However, when done correctly, facial skin is transformed, especially when the face has never been exfoliated. If you're new to facial exfoliation then you are in for a treat and won't believe the difference exfoliating makes. 

Another surprising and wonderful aspect about exfoliating the face is that it is affordable. In case you haven't noticed skin care products can be very costly and coupled with the fact that you have to use them for months to see any difference makes facial exfoliating products even more appealing. For example, for under $10 you can buy exfoliating mitts gloves or cloths that you can use on a daily basis for months. That's what I call cost effective, especially when it comes to skin care.

Exfoliating face products will also save you money on the other skin care products used. How do they do this? They do it by making skin more absorbent and this means you don't have to use as much of the other products as you would if you didn't exfoliate. Makeup foundation application is easier and faster, since it doesn't have to try and penetrate through residue left on the face. You won't have to keep reapplying it either, which is what many women do who do not exfoliate.

The use of exfoliating mitts gloves and cloths is one of the least expensive methods of facial exfoliating. You can opt to use a facial cleanser with them, or not, depending on skin type and need. Normal to dry skin types shouldn't need a facial cleanser; however, oily type skin or acne prone skin may need a chemical based facial cleanser for optimal results. I would suggest the use of an exfoliating mitt or glove to see how skin responds and if it isn't enough then buy a good exfoliating face wash or scrubber. Many times trial and error is the only way to get it down pat.

Best Exfoliating Mitts Gloves Cloths

Here are a few best selling exfoliating mitts gloves and cloths online for you to check out if you're really interested in starting a facial exfoliation regimen or want to try a new method.

Let's start with the mitts and one of the best is the Body Shop Exfoliating Mitts there are 4 reviews with a 5 star rating on Amazon, so it seems they're a hit with buyers. Price is excellent too for $5 and they make for a nice little affordable gift, stocking stuffer and what not.

Aquis is a well known brand when it comes to exfoliation they have a several best selling exfoliating products for the face and body. Their exfoliating mitt is designed with 2 sides, an exfoliating side for scrubbing and a microfiber side, which is gentler, price is $7.

This next bath mitt is made by Bath Mitt believe it or not and is titled the Exfoliating  Bath Shower Mitt Bamboo Fabric 9" Cloth Scrubber. There are 2 reviews with a 4+ star rating and it's made of cotton and bamboo fibers, slips on and off easily and price is $5.

When it comes to gloves you can get the Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves Jade, 1 Pair Pack of 4 for under $20. To see more check out the 12 reviews with a 4+ star rating on Amazon. Many times the best way to find out how good a product really is, is to read reviews.

The Kae Exfoliating Hammam Glove is an excellent exfoliating product that will make skin silky smooth and soft in a hurry. It has 8 reviews with 4+ star rating, but is a bit more at $12 due to brand name and being of higher quality. You will fall in love with this one!

As far as exfoliating face cloths go the Nufountain Fresh Cosmetics Microfiber Exfoliating Cloth for Face and Body is a gem for only $9 with 8 reviews and a 4 star rating on Amazon. It can be used up to 50 times or more and comes with reuseable plastic bag for travel.

Lastly, the Exfolia Expeel Ultrafine Exfoliating Cloth is priced well at $7 and is an excellent product for all skin types and is hypoallergenic. It has a five star rating, so I guess nobody thus far can find anything wrong with it. Exfolia beauty cloths are popular as well.

These exfoliating mitts gloves and cloths are some of the best on the market so take a peek at the reviews and see if at least one of them is what you have in mind.

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