While hybrids are growing in popularity because of their beauty and their unusual personalities. However, there are also some very beautiful domestic cats that have a wild look. Some of these cats even have unusual personalities and they have looks that will remind you of the cat's whild cousins without the issues that many hybrid cats have.  

Alpine Lynx

The alpine lynx is a breed that is designed to look similar to a bobcat with a wide head, curled ears, and a bobcat like tail. The alpine lynx only comes in a white color and some cats that might other wise be called desert lynx or highland lynx are often registered as alpine lynx because of their color. Many people believe that this cat has bobcat genetics, but research has not shown that to be true.  

American Lynx

The American lynx is a cat that has been developed to have a wild look similar to a bobcat. The ears are often large and wide set with a tufted top. They also have a ticked coat, a leopard spotted coat, or a clouded leopard coat in a wide variety of colors including ebony, blue, sorrel, fawn, chocolate, lilac, silvers, sepias, minks, and snows. They also come in red and cream colors. The American lynx has a confusing history. It has not been bred with short tailed cats, so they often have short tails, but not really short types or tail less varieties. Some say that they are cross bred with wild bobcats, but most evidence shows that this is a fully domestic cat.   

Bombay Cats

Bombay cats are muscular, shorthaired cats. They are supposed to be a rich, sleek black color with copper, golden, or greenish colored eyes. The goal is to have a black panther style cat. There is a Brishish bombay and an American bombay cat breed with the American being a deliberate cross between an American shorthair cat and a Burmese. These cats are very loyal family cats. They love children and need a lot of attention.  

Bombay CatCredit: Plaskowski, Wikipedia, CC BY SACredit: Plaskowski, Wikipedia, CC BY SA


Burmilla cats are a cross between the chinchilla persian and burmese cats. They have a silverish coloring that looks just a bit wild with unique markings on their face. The “make up” includes lining around the nose, lips, and eyes. They lack some of the wild coloration that many seek out such as golden fur colors, spotting, or rosettes. However, they have a great look all of their own.  

BurmillaCredit: Austinminers, Wikipedia, CC BY SACredit: Austinminers, Wikipedia, CC BY SA

Desert Lynx

As with the other lynx varieties there are ticked, spotted, and marbled varities in a wide range of colors including blue, chocolate, cream, fawn, lilac, red, silver, and sorrel. They have a large head, a well developed muzzle, and prominent whisker pads. The ears have tuffs at the tip. It also has a short tail that is either non-existent, bobcat length, or half a tail. This is another of the breeds that many believe is a hybrid domestic with bobcat breed, but it has been shown that there is no link between the desert lynx and the bobcat.  


The highlander is sometimes considered the same breed as the highland lynx. It's a large cat with small curled ears, a short tail, and large eyes. It can come in a huge variety of colors including the spotted varieties.  

Highlander Lynx

The highland lynx is a cross between the desert lynx and the jungle curl. It has curled ears and a wild look. They come in the same patterns and the same colors as the desert lynx. The tail is either not there, half way to the floor, or somewhere in between.  

Jungle Lynx

The jungle lynx is similar to the other lynx cats on this list. They come in a ticked variety, a spotted variety, and a marbled variety. They also come in ebony, bronze, sorrel, chocolate, and silver. The legs and tail often have striping and tabby like markings as well as markings on the face. The body is stocky and the hind legs are longer than the front legs. The jungle lynx also has shorter tails than other domestic cats. This is another cat that many people think is bred with bobcats or other wild cats, but that there is no proof that is indeed the case.  


The ocicat is one of the most popular cat that looks like a wild cat, but doesn't have any wild cat DNA in it. It was named after the ocelot (a wild cat) and was created by mixing siamese, abyssinian, and American shorthairs together. They have a large eyes, muscular body and legs, and an outgoing personality. They are bred for their distinct markings that give them a wild look. There are twelve approved colors!  

Lavender Ocicat with a Chocolate OcicatCredit: rhcaplan, Wikipedia, PDCredit: rhcaplan, Wikipedia, PD


The pixie bob is the original bobcat looking cat. It is an average sized cat with a spotted wild cat look and most have a shortened tail. The goal is 2 to 4 inches, but some are rumpy with no tails and some have long tails. Some people say that this breed is a natural hybrid with a bobcat, but genetic evidence hasn't supported that belief.  

Pixie-BobsCredit: Angie1900, Nathalie Bent, Wikipedia, CC BY SACredit: Angie1900, Nathalie Bent, Wikipedia, CC BY SA


The singapura cat has large eyes, large ears, a ticked coat, and a blunt tail. It is a muscular average sized cat, but with the ticked fur, the large yes, and large ears it has a wild look though isn't spotted. There is also some concern about genetic diversity because there is a small gene pool. Some have wanted to out cross with another breed, but it wasn't very well received.  

SingapuraCredit: Squeezeweasel, en.Wikipedia, CC BY SACredit: Squeezeweasel, en.Wikipedia, CC BY SA

There are also the Wildest Looking Domestic Cats. In addition to these breeds which either look wild or have a significant portion if its members who look wild, there are also some types of domestic cats that can look wild. This can happen with plain tabby cats as well as many other breeds.

If you want a wild looking cat then you can choose one of these domestic breeds or you can choose a hybrid cat. There are advantages to both of these options. The biggest advantages of choosing one of these cats is that they have a great look while still holding on to the domestic cat personality. This makes it easy for anyone to have a beautiful cat because you don't need to take extra care because of the wild characteristics of hybrid cats