If you wish to add a splash of color to your flower arrangements, making use of beautiful and colorful exotic plants can add a special touch to any of your floral designs. Whether it is for wedding purposes, a gathering or a banquet, using wild and exotic flowers such as heliconia, lotuses, orchids and palm can give an exuberant ambiance among those who would get a glimpse at your creations.

In modern gardens often populated by sunflowers and roses, wildflowers such as orchids and bird of paradise can be considered exotic because they can grow wild inExotic Flower Arrangements wide, open spaces. Some wild flowers can look pretty simple, but still add a graceful flair to any flower arrangement. Growing and managing these flowers is also relatively easier as they possess an innate resistance to pests and harsh climates. Likewise, their ability to survive in different soil conditions, devoid of the nutrient or moisture content, is practically among the reasons why florists worldwide consider wild flowers as perfect add-ons to their collections.

Since wildflowers are not common to most people, floral arrangements consisting of such instantly turns into a unique bunch of beauty. The best way to acquire the grandeur of wildflowers is to create a garden consisting of such. By sowing seeds to any productive mound of soil, you are almost sure to have a wonderful garden field of wildflowers as they can be easily grown and maintained. In spite of being wild themselves, it is still important to keep the garden from being invaded by other grasses and weeds which are more likely to compete with your wildflowers when it comes to space and nutrients from the soil.
With wildflowers within your yard, you can make exotic flower arrangements anytime you want. You wouldn't have to order from other florist to create a special mix. Making a bouquet of wildflowers is also easy since they can blend easily with each other. Even for beginners, arranging them wouldn't be a problem as they have the innate characteristic of looking good whichever kind of domesticated flower they are blended with.

How to Create An Exotic Centerpiece for Your Wedding

Beautiful exotic flower arrangements are good additions to a formal wedding setting. The availability of tropical flowers all year round is among the reason why they are sought after by almost every florist worldwide. Aside from giving a wide range of choices with various sizes, shapes and colors available, tropical flowers are also known for their breathtaking fragrance. The simple yet elegant façade of these wildflowers can transform any wedding into a truly special event.

Early Preparations

If you are still on your early stages of learning the art and science of flower arrangements, it is advisable to visit a florist who specializes in exotic tropical flowers at least a month before your wedding day. You can opt to collect pictures and cut-outs from magazines to help you out with the consultation. A wide variety of exotic flowers are usually available in flower shops. Flowers such as heliconias, protias, gingers, bird-of-paradise and orchids of different species are among the most popular varieties when it comes to wedding bouquet arrangements. Place your order and ask for the flowers to be delivered no earlier than three days before the wedding. Wild flowers can wither within a period of 72 hours. The best time for them to be delivered is usually within 48 hours before the event. This would give you enough time to decorate your bouquet without risking the quality of the flowers to be used.

Constructing the Exotic Wedding Centerpiece

Choose a vase or container for the arrangement you are planning to make. A sharp knife will also be needed when it comes to the actual process of creating the wedding centerpiece. The first thing you have to do is find a large, flat space to work. You might need at least 2 days to be able to construct a wonderful exotic wedding centerpiece, so make sure you had everything pre-arranged to avoid any delay in your schedule.

As for the actual process, you would have to shorten the stems of the flowers first using a knife to fit the general shape of a bouquet.

Place the floral frog or foam securely in your chosen container. Organize the flowers, fill in any spaces and correct the shape of the arrangement while making sure they are solidly in place. You can opt to give an accent to the arrangement by adding greeneries and other exotic leaves.

Make sure to keep the flowers from direct sunlight to make them last long enough to reach your very special day.