silver fox

The silver fox has been an alternative pet for generations. Not everyone can be satisfied with owning a cat or a dog. Some of us are just "fox" people. For most people it doesn't even occur to them to get an exotic animal like a fox. There's a good reason for this too, because it's true that most silver foxes are still wild animals (aside from the Russian domesticated fox "sibfox") and need additional care and patience. But, if you don't care about putting in the extra work then I say go for it.


Now, you're not restricted to owning just a silver fox, you can also own red, arctic, and fennec (desert) foxes. Although, if you are a first time fox owner you might wanna just go with the silver because they usually tend to the cheapest next to the red fox. 


Silver foxes have been prized for generations for their lush beautiful fur. Part of the reason the species is dwindling in numbers is because of the over-hunting that occurred up until the late 19th centuries. They are generally found in North America and Russia. There have been many fox farms set up (mainly in Russia) that breed silver foxes exclusively for their fur. One of these farms has actually domesticated the silver fox (genetically) and sells it as a pet.

Can i own a fox in my state?

 legal to own a foxPink = No

Green = Maybe

Aqua = Yes, with a licence

Brown = yes

The details can be found in the link below

What kind of pet can i expect from a fox?

Since foxes are wild animals and haven't been domesticated for thousands of years like dogs and cats, they need much more training than a dog or cat. As long as you separate them from their parents early on and care for them every day you shouldn't have too much trouble though. Personality wise they are similar to a dog in terms of attentiveness yet independent like a cat. In many ways this fits the mold for the perfect pet as dogs can get annoying and it's hard to play with a cat. They be trained to use a litter box, although; they're urine has a strong smell so this might not be the best idea. Foxes get along well with cats, dogs and children. They have to be strongly supervised while out of a cage as they tend to get into everything.

How do I get a fox?

To buy one your going to have to contact a private breeder. They can usually be found with a quick google search or even in your local classifieds. Silver foxes tend to be the cheapest foxes to buy usually ranging from $200-300.

Pet Silver fox named Ferdie playing with a toy