Pet ownership carries with it many virtues. Companionship, love, responsibility, comfort, and lots of fun are among them. However, all pets bring a host of new responsibilities and considerations before the introduction into one's life. This has never been truer than when the pet in consideration is an exotic pet.

Exotic pets are just that, exotic. There are many good reasons to own an exotic pet, but before taking the plunge and picking one up, one needs to really sit down and be honest and take into account some special considerations.

5 special considerations for exotic pets are as follows:

1. Why? - Before the purchase of an exotic pet, one must ask themselves why? Is this for the status symbol that often comes with exotic pet ownership? If so, is this really the best reason to own an exotic pet? This is very important because intentions will drive your ability to handle, and care for, your exotic pet. Also, status symbols shift importance all the time, are you prepared to continue your responsibility to your exotic pet after the attention fades?

2. Special Needs - Exotic pets bring new and unique needs to the table that can be as exotic as the pet itself. This can range anywhere from a special diet to unique living arrangements. Maybe there exists a minimum level of exercise that is needed in a day. Do you have the available time to devote to the exotic pet and it's, possibly, demanding schedule of needs?

3. Cost - This is a two-fold issue. There is, of course, the upfront cost of purchasing exotic pets. This can often be very high as the rare nature of exotic pets means that retailers can, and will, charge you more for ownership. The other side of the equation is upkeep. Special diets can be very costly. Exotic pets often equal exotic foods. Another point is vet bills. It may be more expensive for care because it may require a specialist when vet care is needed.

4. Fear Element- This is more of a social issue related to the ownership of exotic pets. Many people may find themselves afraid of your new pet. Think about this for a minute. What would be your first reaction to a person walking around with a pet monkey? You may not be afraid at first, but you may be apprehensive. Most people are not prepared for exotic pets. If they were, then they would not be exotic.

5. Education - You have a new commitment to your exotic pet to be able to provide and care for it to the best of your ability. This is going to require educating yourself over and above the level that is necessary in typical pet ownership. Do not slack in this area as this is necessary for the health of both you and your exotic pet.

6. Is It Legal? - This is often overlooked by people when considering the purchase of exotic pets. Many counties and cities have laws that prohibit the purchase and ownership of certain exotic pets. You need to check with local offices to make sure that you are staying within the lane lines.

While it may be a great idea to own exotic pets, I hope you have taken the time to consider the points listed above. There are many more points that need consideration before purchasing exotic pets. I recommend talking to others that may own exotic pets. Get in touch with groups and people that specialize in these areas. They are likely very willing to offer their wisdom and expertise.