The Genet is a little known exotic pet, but none the less one of the more interesting ones to have. Its ferret-cat like attitude has been just what many pet owners have been looking for, a little shoulder companion. If you like cats but want something more playful and exotic, than the genet is defiantly worth checking out.

They are quite the handful when compared to a cat but, compared to other exotics they are a cake walk.

On the down side they're initial set up can be a lot to handle because they need two large enclosures, one in-doors and the other out-doors. These enclosures need to be custom-made in most cases. So don't get a genet if you're going to be moving any time soon.

Though genets are filiforms, partly related to cats; although, they are more closely related to the civet. Like the civet, the genet uses musk glands all over its body to mark its territory, usually with a handstand. This makes it the only bipedal member of its subspecies, the Viverrid.

The genet is known for having a very prominent tail that is about 15 to 20 inches long. It uses this tail to maintain balance while climbing or jumping tree branches.

pet genetIf you can take care of a cat, you can take care of a genet. The Genet is a very clean animal and is very low maitenace for an exotic pet. Just like a cat, they can be trained to use a litter box and will eat most premium cat and ferret foods. Also, they purr just like cats when they are happy.They may be skittish and frighten easily but they love humans and tend to bond rather easily.

There are some disadvantages to owning a genet as well. The main disadvantage is the amount of space they require. They need a large caged area outside (preferably one with a small tree inside) where they can run around and play. They also need a large caged area inside (most owners will give a whole room to their genet) full of toys and things they can climb. Genets need a lot more stimulation than your average pet because of its exotic nature. If they are deprived of adequate stimulation they can get depressed easily.

Genets have sharp claws which they use for climbing. This mixed with their kitten-like curiosity can provide quite the headache for any unprepared owners. Before getting one it might be an idea to genet-proof your house. Just hide anything they can cause trouble by climbing, this also includes anything they can knock over by climbing. Other than that, many owners will get nail filers ment for cats. This can tone their claws enough where they won't scratch you, but they will still be able to climb up to your shoulder.

genet affairThe genet reaches sexual maturity around two years. The gestation period is around 56-76 days.

The litter size for the genet ranges between 1-5 pups.

Babies are born without sight and are pretty helpless for the first 10 days. After this 10 day period they can be taken from the mother and bottle fed. They can eat solid food around 8 weeks and can be weened off the bottle.

legal to own a foxIs it legal to own a Genet?

  • Pink = Ban
  • Green = Partial Ban
  • Aqua = Permit required
  • Brown = Legal

Price: Genets usually cost 1000$ for adults and 1400$ for pups