sibfoxOne of the newest pet trends to hit the markets these days are "tame foxes." Generally, people haven't kept foxes as pets because they are hard to train and require constant supervision. But, thanks to 50 years of breeding one Siberian "fox farm" has developed a tame fox. They claimed to have isolated the gene in the more docile foxes and used it to breed a new domesticated fox. 


It all started in 1959  by Russian scientist, Dr. Belyaev. He believed that the reason that dogs and cats have become domesticated is due the the natural selection of certain "docile" genes. Anyway, the Dr. began a controlled experiment in order isolate this docile gene in silver foxes. After he isolated the foxes with the trait (about 5% of the foxes had this trait) he bred them for over 35 generations. This resulted in a new breed of "tame" fox that acted as loyal as a dog. These foxes also started to show traits found in domesticated dogs such as curly tails and floppy ears.

Is it legal to own a fox?

 legal to own a foxPink = Ban

Green = Partial Ban

Aqua = Permit required

Brown = Legal

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What kind of pet is the "tame" fox?

Taking care of a tame fox is rather similar than taking care of a dog. They eat high protein dog foods along with some vegetables. They play well with children and other pets. Also, they can be trained to use a litter box (It's easier if you own a cat.) They behave rather close to a dog but retain a sense of independence much like a cat has. Wild foxes tend to have pungent urine but I couldn't find any information about tame foxes. This is probably because there are currently only 5 of these tame foxes in the US.

Where can I find one?

There is only one farm in Russia that you can purchase them from, and it's called "Institute of Cytology and Genetics." Although, if you don't speak Russian you'll probably want to purchase your fox from a company called SibFox. They act as an intermediary between customers and breeders taking care off all the paperwork, transportation, and even offer a guarantee. But, the cost of this brings your fox purchase up to  a whopping $6,950. No wonder there's only five owners in the US. Anyway if you got the big bucks then why not buy one, nothings cooler than something nobody else has?