Are you tired of staying home every year on your vacation due to the over priced resorts in Cozumel, and other Mexican beachfront resorts? Then an affordable solution is in your grasp for exotic vacations, and just a little over an hours drive from The Cancun airport will land you in a tropical paradise that is nicknamed "Slice Of Paradise". The cost of four and five star level resorts have just become out of reach financially for most household budgets today, and the need for a Mexican beachfront bungalow that the average person can afford is available. Not only will you save money, but you will also experience one of the most beautiful and pristine private beaches in the world.

The village of Tankah, which is located five miles south of Tulum Mexico offers beachfront lodging at a much lower cost than the hotels and private homes usually charge on the Yucatan peninsula. Plus you will have the advantage of not having to share your view with hundreds of other people that are all jam packed next to each other at the high end beach resorts. Cabanas in Tulum Mexico are usually just a few yards from the ocean, and allow for a much slower paced vacation that only few have ever had while visiting tropical destinations.

Even with having to hire a taxi, or renting a car to get to Tankah or Tulum, you will still realize the savings you need to afford such a trip. A note of caution at this point is in order, as you will truly become addicted to the daily lifestyle of Tankah bay area. It is like you have found the Bermuda triangle, and time as others know it has ceased to exist. If you can every get over the breathtaking views, and the temperate beautiful ocean water that is the color of an expensive blue jewel, then you might be able to leave on time to catch your flight back home. Most will make it a point to visit at least twice a year, once they discover the best kept tropical vacations secret in Mexico.

You can even make it a working vacation if need be, as most villas offer wireless Internet as a part of daily lodging fees. You will find it hard to concentrate on anything else than just taking in what most would call paradise, and enjoying the relaxing waves slowly lap at the shore. Start researching your trip to enjoy a slice of paradise today.