While many small business owners feel relatively comfortable with business concepts such as law and accounting, marketing is one area that leaves a lot of people confused.  We all know how huge companies market their products to us: through television advertising, print ads in magazines, billboards, and Internet ads.  The average business owner simply can't afford these methods.  On the other hand, nobody wants to appear tacky from low-budget marketing tactics such as fliers and bulletin board posts.

Why You Should Include Videos in Your Marketing

The middle road is the best way to go, and keep in mind that the middle road is wv ideo productionide.  There are lots of different options with which you can promote your business.  Now that almost everyone has Internet access, a medium that is gathering growing attention is video.  You may not be able to afford a TV commercial, but a well-produced video on YouTube or your own website is sure to draw many clients.  There are many people who do not like to read through information but are willing to watch a few minutes of video.  A quality video just might catch the eyes of many customers who would otherwise be lost.

Types of Videos to Consider

There are several types of videos that you might consider:

  • A how-to video might demonstrate how to use your product correctly.  If you sell outdoor string lights, what are some design and safety considerations to include in a video.
  • Customer testimonials can feature actual clients who give positive feedback on the good results they have achieved from your product or service. If your best product is a memory foam mattress topper, create a video that extolls the extra comfort that topper provides to customers.
  • Beauty and fashion retailers can show before-and-after makeovers.  Makeovers are also appropriate for service businesses like home staging, interior design and decorating, professional organizing services, pet grooming, and many others.
  • Taped speeches, classes, and seminars work well for promoting churches, educational services, and anything in the personal growth industry, to name a few.
  • A company specializing in video surveillance software might have actual footage from surveillance cameras playing on their website to catch a potential customer's eye.

Choosing a Video Production Service

Once you have made the decision to include video in your arsenal of marketing strategies, you must select the right corporate video production service for your needs.  Determining and sticking to a budget is of utmost importance.  After all, it doesn't make sense to put a thriving business in jeopardy financially.  While larger services may be out of your price range, small business just like yours do exist in this area.  Students and freelancers are also available, most often for far less.  Whatever your decision, be sure to clarify to the service provider the importance of sticking to your budget, especially before you hire them.

Ask potential video services to name their clients and see examples of their previous work.  Services should be more than happy to tell you about their successes.  Students and newer businesses will have smaller portfolios, but they should still have something to show you, even demos they have made that weren't for actual accounts.

Don't let the video producer pressure you into their vision of your video.  Of course, if you trust them and have few ideas of your own, it's perfectly fine to hand over the creative decisions to them.  However, if you have strong ideas about the image you want to portray (humorous, spiritual, business-like), make this clear from the beginning so that you will be satisfied with the end result.