One friend of mine once called me a "learner" - by which she meant that I enjoyed learning about something just for the pleasure of knowing more about it.  It was a more fancy way of calling me a nerd, actually, which designation I probably wouldn't have objected to, either.  I like learning about things, especially if they're interesting. 

This is one of the great things about writing online articles - you try to hone your knowledge and information in order to produce a well-written and informative article, and in doing so improve your knowledge on the subject.  

What I like best about writing articles here on Infobarrel is that you can spread your tentacles as widely as you want - meaning you can write on just about anything under the sun.  Obviously, the natural tendency would be to write articles on subjects which interest you the most, and therefore in the process of researching, learning and writing about your chosen subject, you work yourself up to becoming a kind of expert on the subject, all with the advantage of being in the proper forum.  That is, you're not ruining what should be a fun outing by being an irritating know-it-all.

The Learning by Teaching Method

This process can be likened to the educational method developed by Jean-Pol Martin, when he advocated teaching students by allowing them to teach their peers (  He called this the lernen durch lehren, which translates to "learning by teaching," and is one of the most widely accepted teaching methods today.  

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Of course, we aren't in a classroom setting, and we aren't exactly students within an academic forum, but the basic principle remains the same.  Seneca the Younger once said "by teaching we are learning," (, and I believe this remains true now even after formal schooling.  

Expanding Your Horizons

What is your current hobby or ruling passion or interest?  It never hurts to try to learn a little more about it, or to try to increase your proficiency or expertise in your given subject.  If you are a photography buff, perhaps you'd like to explore and test the different techniques available.  If you are an artist, or you like creating craft-works, then perhaps you might like to summarize for the general public your own appreciation of the different styles and products available?  Are you a mechanic, an electrician?  A housewife who lords it over in her kitchen, or a gardener who knows a little something about keeping your green nursery from wilting during the colder seasons of the year?  Or perhaps you are all of these things on different days, putting one thinking cap after another has exhausted your interest for the moment.

Why not try to create a body of your work that is at once of use to other people who are of like interest, and maybe in doing so start creating a body of written work that will outlive you?  And it certainly doesn't hurt tapping into the money making abilities of online sites like Infobarrel, in order toearn royalties or passive income from your writing.  

Boy and Girl Reading

There is, too, the added advantage of becoming more proficient in the things you love doing (I don't think there is anybody who can contest the basic principle of "learning by teaching"), and at the same time you are reaching out to people out there who share the same interests and passions as yourself.  But at the heart of it, I think, is simply taking pleasure in your work.  What could be more pleasurable than learning more about the things that truly interest you? - Mountain climbing, environmental protection, history, art, fashion - the world of knowledge is literally laid out before you.

So why not be as nerdy as you like, or as my friend put it, why not be a learner?  In this day and age, information is as much a precious commodity as money, and majority of the millions of surfers online are out looking for information, and are open to learning from their peers.