Get free downloads and expand your music library using SongCatch, the newest site for downloading music. Pulling from a legal database, I believe SongCatch is going to take off like crazy once it gets more publicity. Not only is the name pretty cool, but it’s simple to use, the music is easy to download and the site layout should look familiar to everyone which makes it easy to search music.

Music LibraryCredit: luigi diamanti

Don’t be alarmed by the minimalist look of the site. What works for Google just might work for Songcatch.  SongCatch is like Google where you can type in what you are looking for. You can type in the name of the artist, the song title or both in the search box and get instant results. It’s incredible how many songs, titles and artists you can find on the site. It’s almost endless and limitless! Any music enthusiast will enjoy the vast collection of music that is found in this music library database.

Once you type in what you’re searching for, you can then check out the songs listed and download the ones you want to listen to. You can save the download to your computer and merge it with iTunes. You can download as many songs as you like, all at no cost!

It’s a pretty simple process to download the music for any non-techie like me. This is a big plus! I also found it really easy to download songs using my Android phone, specifically the Droid X. I’ve told others with Droid phones to try it out and it seems to work flawlessly for them. The music downloads straight into the phone’s music library. You can even go to your media file and set whichever download song as your ringtone.

I know it works well with Android phones, but I haven’t had much luck with friends who own the iPhone. I’m sure with a little research someone can figure it out or the developers of SongCatch will sort it all out to make it just as easy.

It seems that the site and company are still in the very early stages. I just noticed a blog set up during the last few days and am looking forward to see what is to come. I have also played around with various searches and found that you could even download audio clips, but these take a bit longer to download depending on how large the file is. You really can expand your music library with all kinds of music and audio files.

I would recommend SongCatch to anyone who is looking for songs to download for free, free ringtones and possibly free audio clips. Hopefully, you’ll be able to expand your music library just as easily as I have.